Saturday, December 26, 2009

expectation... something looked forward to, whether feared or hoped for... i used to have this expectation in everything. work, life, girls, friends, music and everything. when im in poly dulu, im always with this kind expectation thinggy. i set the bar too high, up to the point where everyone cant seems to satisfy or impress me. and thats when i became this lone ranger, where everytime there's practical class i would practically did everything by myself eventho its suppose to be a team thinggy. yeah you could say i want things to be my way or anything close to perfect. but then again what is perfect? everything that god create isnt perfect. only god itself is perfect. then how do we know that something is perfect when we, ourself never actually seen anything that is perfect. how do we rate something perfect? if its good then i would understand. what about perfect? when people say that they are a perfect couple, what do they mean actualy? they argue alot? they look happy? just because they are getting married then they are perfect? what im trying to say is, i used to be this person that think that i have to do everything by myself. i dont trust anyone to do any of my shit for me. even dulu dalam RANtAi, i still remember it was during this fundraiser for Gaza colab with NSTP. i was the stage manager and throughout the event i never gave my band listing to anyone eventho they offered themselves to cover for while i go and eat. why? because i want thing to go my way. like how i want it to be (and later in the end most of the people having a good time there except for me). but then after i started flying, now only i can say that being a lone ranger wont get you anywhere. since when you're up there, everything is all about teamwork and team effort to ensure the smoothness of the flight. basically my first month of flying ive tried being this lone ranger where i tried to do everything by myself. but i failed miserably. most of the time i kene taruh is because of my attitude trying to be everything by myself. now only i believe that by yourself you can never achieve something good or close to perfect. you cant. you just cant. that why when im in poly, i was never good at anything. trying to be that mr jack of all trades. plus being this mr "high expectation" has turned me into this choosy kind of person. im always with this dream of having someone with this " full spec", in a way my "dream" girl. but i can never find it. life would be a fairy tale if everyone meet their dream partner. there's no happy ending in life. thats why we gotta appreciate every moment in our life. live life to the fullest. dont put any expectation or hopes to high on everything. it will only spoil things. trust me.

jeng jeng jeng

it seems that i havnt been updating my blog for quite sometime huh... (as if ada thousand of readers eagerly waiting for new post or shit to read) well anyway im currently doin my 4 days trip (kch-bki-kch), had an arguement with a passenger on my last sector tadi. haih. this is soooo not a good way to start a trip. i mean its just a cup of coffee, why making scene for just a cup of coffee. i know they all paid for the tickets anyway, but hey ITS JUST A CUP OF COFFEE. im not trying to say anything here tapi dah bad weather... bad weather laaaa!

well anyway this last few days of 2009 hasnt been very kind to me. had my first accident the other day, that "troublesome" passenger, me being very moody all the time, and the money i had to pay for that accident thinggy. its just so frustrating how this last few days of 2009 has been treating me. i still have 2 split duties and 3 night stops to go. how can i possibly survive man. i mean even if i avoid myself from goin into those al-fresco dining or "what ever you wanna call it" restaurant still my daily spendings and nak kasi minum my WTD pun cam its already a pain in the ass. (i seriously need to stop smoking as i've calculated if i stop smoking and the money i use to buy cigarettes for few months can be use to buy me-self a nintendo wii)

on the other hand i've just came back from phuket. did a frens holiday getaway. it was FUN-TABOLOUS! its was 5 days of sun, beach, tanning, party and a-hell-lots-of drinking. hahhaha luckily on our last night there was this beach party where 6 dj came and make our holiday even more FUN-TABOLOUS.

moving on, its already sebulan kot i moved in with sally, crystal and charlotte. its nice to have them as housemate and your bestie is just few floors down. cool huh! tell me about it. but on the other hand, my spending its off the chart la. makan kene dekat luar, anything kene drive pergi beli since there's still no groceries or makan anywhere near green avenue condo. so yeah nak anything je kene keluar. i really miss staying home where you dont have to worry about rent, electricity and water bills. basically tak yah nak fikir bende sangat. i guess im already on the stage of growing up. learning how tospend my money, how to run my life, how live independently and most importantly how to get up for work by myself. hahahahah

2009. its has been great. its has been a memorable one. saw lots of changes in my life. met new people, gain new knowledge, new friends, new enemies, missing my old friends (no you guys are not forgotten, unless you guys already forgot all about me :( ) and not forgotten, my new job. i will miss 2009. 6 days more to go. hopefully 2010 i can get a girlfriend. im already sick being single since im constantly surrounded with lovey-dovey couple. hahahahhaa i pun nak. hahahha

2010 check list
- nintendo wii
- bandung holiday
- FOC tix to maldives
- girlfriend :P
- savings
- cutting down on my nicotine intake
- being less bitchy
- spending more time in shah alam (wei adi aku rindu lepak sama korang)
- nak terel main at least satu instrument
- to learn mandarin *optional :P*

Monday, November 23, 2009

remember my name

for some reason people that i havent seen for quite some time keep popping out everywhere. i met balram (a childhood friend which we always tukar-tukar pinjam tape game dulu when nintendo used to be the in thing) on a flight, met syafiq (used to work togetha in nandos) in darus, met raisa (qissy's friend) in mid, a bunch of people who i dont remember their name but i remember goin to school or poly together with em in klia, premnath (classmate during primary school) in transport dept. and few others more. i mean what is this man? is this some sort of sign? sign for? could things be more clearer for once in my life!?

just came back from a quite a hectic outing. went to mid to c a movie wif cik bestie. lepak in cb (which i was amazed with her cb card thinggy. sangat cool. hahahahah lame gile i) went back to shah alam and drove to sunway to meet a friend. owh one thing that i regret today is, not listening to my guts which it told me to cancel that meeting session in sunway and just lepak with my crissy, sally n adi. y? coz the so called meeting session was this 'persuasion session' to ajak me to join this investment+multilevel shit. dude it takes you more than those sweet little 'happly ever after' stories and a bunch of dude driving some cool looking cars. i mean you kept saying 'why bother working for people when you can work for yourself' but in the end you systems is just like everywhere punya system. the more 'downline' you have the more money for the people above you. plus i need to invest THIRTEEN FUCKING THOUSAND to enter this investment+multilevel stuff. where t hell am i gonna get that much of money. as if life is that simple.

anyway im really happy with how i am now. will try not to be greedy and try to appreciate and live with what i have now.

am trying so hard to give away most of my off days. need flight to cover my annual leave. anyone? off day anyone?

am looking forward for new moon, sherlock holmes, mr fantastic fox, ironman 2 and fame (kalau keluar kat malaysia la...)

owh yeah my bestie rawks!

next agenda before 2010...



girlfriend.... (m not desperate, only looking hahah)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

knock me down will ya?

like every other year everybody must have their new year's resolution, a checklist, a "what need to be achieve" list or perhaps... hope... just to have that small tiny bit of hope to have or achieve something, but nevertheless do we really fight for we hope for? do we? or we list down all those "hope" just for the sake of doing it. i dunno, i have a few thing i was suppose to do this year such as "get a girlfriend ASAP" and so far... i failed to do anything about it. *giggles* and now its already november and i think i only achieve few oni from my "what need to be achieve" list. gawwd...

"this is bad real bad Michael Jackson..."

moving on
life hasnt be good or yet cruel to me. nothing much is happening. stuck with this "eat-work-sleep" routine. owh yeah lately ive been a "flight" junkie. asking for mutual and stuff. and it does feels good when end of the month you looking those big numbers in ye bank account. it does feels good to have all those "ka-ching"... it does feels good to know that u actually making something... tapi sikit pun tak best when all those "ka-ching" went to all your so called commitments. ptptn laa... itu la.. ini la.. haiya... hahah like what my friends sed, "dudee... we're already 22.. like it or not.. we have to grow up. life seems to move faster than us. we just have to keep up with it..."

on the other hand
had a superb time with my bestie yesterday. went on a "day out" berserk with her. went to watch that 2012 movie. imdb gave it 6.5 star rating, but for me its should be much lesser than that. i mean its about end of the world mann... why doesnt they invest much more for all those cgi stuff, and the movie was quite predictable... i pity gordon coz he was suppose to be happily ever after with his new wife but instead jackson came and steals her while he was driving(and practically saving all of em!! hello!) that big jumbo aircraft dengan yuri. haiya. the only thing good about the movie is, THANDIE NEWTON! hahahha after the movie we went to darus and hang. it was then my bestie came out with a quote which practically answerd my one question... THE one question... that one question ive been asking everyone and nobody seems to came out with a straight answer...

question - if every man and women is destined to have that one person... a soulmate, but why does my mum endup being a single parent... sampai sekarang?
wanie - it says that every person is destined to have someone, a soulmate in this world. there's no sign of telling who's you soulmate and who isnt. and it also doesnt state whether we'll be happily ever after ke tak dengan that ONE. so basically there's a possibility of being with your soulmate but minus the happily ever after part.

thanxs *wink* *wink*

Sunday, October 4, 2009

retimed &delayed!

i was suppose to depart from kuching at 1545 hours yesterday. but that flight has been retimed due to the super duper bad weather to 17(somthing) hours. then after we departed from kuching we safely landed in sibu. everything was goin ok, but then lagi sekali due to the bad weather he had a very bad landing, so the aircraft needed to be checked for any defect in case anything fell off mase hard landing tue so we had to stay on ground a.k.a delayed for about an hour. so after that we flew to miri and back to kuching. we're suppose to be back at 2100 hours tapi last2 sampai kuching balik around 0100 hours. bile flight neyh dah kene retimed and delayed camneyh, today my flight was suppose to depart from kuching at 1100 hours last2 kene depart around 17(somthing) hours. and sampai klia pukul 2200 hours. urgh...

i hate bad weather.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

i just simply hate losing!

i think this 6 days trip is the trip that i'll remember forever. why you ask? the fact that:-
a. the set crew is fabulous, superb, supporting and kaki makan
b. get to hang with crissy, adi, shah, hidayah, atira, and some other people and have fun eventhou we just met a few days back
c. main monopoly sampai pepagi buta
d. get to eat like hell

my first 6 days trip is sangat superb! my leading supportive gile... siap join main monopoly... hahaha dia menang btw... went "over my limit" mase dekat shanny's... ayam penyet, ikan bakar, mee kolok, goreng pisang for dinner, chicken wings, pizza, chicken chop, cheese cake, mcdonalds and banyak lagi... hahahahhaha

Friday, October 2, 2009

kul/bki, bki/ceb/bki/kch, kch/bki...

m currently doing my first ever 6 days trip. spending 2 nights in kk and 3 nights in kuching and i can tell you everything about the trip is awesome-ooooo *you should check out south park "awesome-ooo 3000" episode"! first of all the set crew is very very happening eventhooo we dont really party everywhere but we basically eat anything we can get our hands on. hahah owh yeah i havent been stop eating ever since i stepped my foot in the briefing room. munch that, munch this, eat that, eat this. superb. eventhoo most of my batchmates and batch friends whom i met during my nightstop semua ada at least one day off ex-station, tapi i wouldnt trade this eating experience with that one day off. just now we had "a hell lots of" ikan bakar, sotong bakar and udang bakar at this filipino market in kota kinabalu *quite near to the hotel which im staying*. after that we belasah some local savories and then lepak at the hotel lobby cafe hav a cup of coffee and a slice of cheese cake. uhhh... i full tapi sekarang dah start lapar balik... hahhaha from the leading to semua crew, semua masuk air.... i would say my first 6 days trip experience is an unforgettable one since i would have at least gained 5kg from all this eating and munching. hahahha owh yeah forgot to mention, i tried the famous seaweed mase dekat filipino market tue, sedap sedap. lupa nak tangkap gambar... jeez...

moving on
wah besok till ahad, m spending the night in kuching. so mee kolok here i commmeeeeeeeeeeee! tadi bank islam ade call! weee bunyi cam loan senang nak kene approve! cant wait for my car! wee... at last i can move out from my own little box! baru nak tgk dunia neyh! hahahah

wishing every one a merry hari raya and hope you guys have a fabolous one.

Friday, September 11, 2009


mari kita berkara-ok

uhh i havent been writing anything for awhile dah ney. i guess everyone has that point where they are too tired to say or explain anything. ive been ok i guess. there's just too much been happening in my life lately sampai words cant describe perkara-perkara tersebut. well neway im looking foward to my new car... my one and only sayang goin to be. at last i wont be single nemore. i'll be happily married to a piece of metal! dimana namanya akan terdiri dari tiga abjad. muahahahha.

moving on...
i felt really bad for this one guy where he wanted to be close to everyone in his circle, tpi the people in his circle doesnt even want to be assosiated with him. kesian kan. well what to do kan?

im really looking forward to november man! penang bridge marathon beybeh! cant wait to get tired. hahahhhaha

"Alif Iskandar have something to say but remained speechless"

owh yes... i wanna say it... but i simply cant... darn...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

i cannot get tired because i choose to be here

thats what my lss told me. "you cannot get tired of what u are doing because you yourself choose to be here. therefore why dont u just go all out... give everything you got!"

come to think about it, its true la...

but still the fact that i dont really memorize or fimiliarize with my responsibilities yet, made the job unenjoyable.

well neway just came back from CGK or cengkareng, jakarta for a nightstop.

the nightstop was superb! the set crew was all nice especially geena/jenna *tak sure how to eja ur name. she went to try the nasi goreng gila. owh yes... crazy fried rice. hahah its oni IRP 7,000 which is around RM 2.something.

i went all the way there... tapi i didnt try the famous nasi padang. shoot. menyesal makan kebab.

the senior crew was very nice. for the first time i felt like im IN the crowd among the crews. hope to fly with you guys again!

goin to CGK i was the BC1 tapi time balik i was the AC man! ohohohoh i never ever prepared for that position! but the lss was really a penyabar one. it was sny all over again man! gila kesian my lss. tapi she did a really good job in teaching me. i was touched when she said that tired thinggy to me. it was a long conversation actually, tapi ayat tue pemati segala-galanya.

and owh i learn a new word today. fuckerama. hahah

Monday, July 27, 2009

sangat suka!

james morrison - save yourself
sara bareilles - come around soon
damien rice - cheers darlin'
save ferris - let me in *sedang bermain
sixpence none the richer - cover dancing queen
alesana - goodbye goodnight
lenka - the show
dan finenty - feel like makin L O V E
caroline lufkin - where's my love


yesterday i had a nightstop flight to sibu with a superb set of crew (its been awhile since i get a great set of crew) and plus one of the crew was my batchmates; the safety alarm boy. since there's nothing to do there in sibu me, alarm boy and the leading endup lepaking at the pool had a ciggy, chat and swim. after a long conversation with the alarm boy, one thing that i realise about him is... that i was just like him when i was in high school. i was very much like him. yesssss... i was 70% quite similar to him. the way his explain his life and stuff reminds me of being a penjual cd cetak rompak di sekolah, getting into mess (which i can avoid but i choose not to) and stuff like that. i still remember clearly one of my nickname during sekolah menengah dulu. yeah one of it was "loser". yup L-O-S-E-R (courtesy of kimin). hahahhai forgot when or why i was given that name but for a short period of my life, but the funny part is... i was totally ok with it. hahahha loser kan?

anyway the nightstop in sibu was great i had a dinner buffet in kingswood hotel which cost me oni for about rm20 and the food was superb! i had seafoods, some roasted beef and chicken a few other menus. and owh yeah, i also endup lost in sibu. hahah had to pusing here and there to cari the hotel back! funny.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

bad week

minggu ini tersangat tidak seronok. wanie and all my batchmates (I MISS YOU GUYS!) is not around for me to spill everything out... :(

"Oh it won't rain all the time.
The sky won't fall forever.
And though the night seems long..."
Jane Siberry - It Cant Rain All the Time

"perhaps lady luck pergi bercuti week dia on duty semula... u tau kan, whenever ppl (or spirits perhaps) go for hols they bring back gifts kan? LL mcm tu la mintak2 nyer..."

Hopefully lah...

On the otherside
i've just came back from 2 nightstop in a row. miri and sibu. miri seriously boring. there's nothing around the hotel (Parkcity Everly Hotel). sibu pulak is quite happening but its too dangerous to go out since there's too many HK triad lepaking here and there. we are adviced to not go to clubs and mabuk2 since there are few cases oredi... darn... neway here's some pics from the hotel room. and owh yea.. i kene kacau with this "i dont know what" in sibu kat dalam hotel... menakutkan dan spookeyyyhh!

Miri. the hotel is right beside to a verrryyyy beautiful beach! malam star gazing wif ye love ones mesti seronok!

sibu. yang macam kaler kuning tue bukan teh ais tapi tue sungai rajang.

Monday, July 13, 2009


hello doc

hie alif, so what seems to be the problem?

umm, i always puke after i eat, my stomach seems to be bloated, im shivering for nothing and yeah i even sometimes poo blood.

bla bla bla bla bla bla which is caused by the nicotine and few other toxic which you inhale daily. the only cure for this is to stop smoking. i know its impossible to do it overnight, but you can at least reduce you intake day by day which in the end you wont even need a stick.

OMG. for real doc? isnt there any medicine to cure or such?

i can only slow down the process but the only cure is to stop smoking. i know your job is stressfull but there's always some other way to release the tension bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

in the end doc prescribe me a few medicine "to slow down the whole process". the funny part is, there's this pill which i need to stick it inside my ass man... urgh!

Friday, July 10, 2009


graduation is the time to celebrate the ending of one chapter and the beginning of something new! last thursday i've just graduate the "company" academy and here i am feeling proud bearing the name of a flight steward. hooray to me! the whole process in moulding us into this 5 star cabin crew is really not an easy task for them and for us. compressing all the sylabus into a 65 days course is really... ummm exhausting and mind challenging. we have to cope with study, test, practical assestment, dance rehearsal and lepakking all in one time. "not getting enough of sleep" is like a routine already for us in this 65 days. i would definately miss all this mind torturing session since when ur up there, there are no room for mistakes! the passenger wont know that ur new, nobody knows that u r new, therefore i must really struggle this few month of flying. well neway back to the graduation, there isnt to tell, this is a just like any ordinary graduation minus the cardboard hat and the robe.

ahhh here's alif, cam whoring even on the stage! hahha

there was few other performance from the other batch, nope im not gonna highlight that. this is our first performance, grease lightning!

yeah posing in front of everyone!

after that was the kurik kundi a.k.a citra warna-ish performance a.k.a traditional dance. i knoe i look funny with the head gear but trust me, the whole routine was superb! especially the ending!

well im definately gonna miss the whole dance practice. nomore "ada ae, ada o", the cbt room, room 132, syed in kelana jaya, taking the ktm home, listening to everybody's introduction over and over again, all the kinky jokes from mr. fabs, lala land, ikan emas, amber sh*t, chewbacca, jarjar, harimau, the prankster, "iyaaaaaa", g.i jane, mr. ex swimming instructor, the fire alarm boy and everyone else.

"As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together"
vitamin c - graduation

Friday, July 3, 2009

the climb

when sallina sed that lagu miley cirus - the climb tue is our batch soundtrack. i tak pernah faham untill today...

"Ain't about how fast I get there,
Ain't about what?s waiting on the other side
It's the climb"

emo lak tetibe... damn!

*ney kalo wani bace mesti dier cakap "eiii slow nye you" hhahaha*

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a little something

since every now and then, the "company" would send an email reminding us to write something for the "company" blog. so i decided to write a little something for the blog

"Ohana means family. Family means no one is left behind or forgotten". No matter how far or how high we fly, batch 09/2009 will still be our family, we will never left anyone behind or forget anyone. 13 April 2009 will definately be a day for us to remember forever as it is the first day we met each other. At first all of us want the trainning to finish as soon as possible, but in the end none of us want the trainning to end. The instructor, batchmates and almost everyone its like a family already for us.

The trainning life in Malaysia Airlines Academy is not as easy as everyone thinks, the syllabus is well planned for us from induction, grooming, communication skills, aviations, fundamental on hospitality, B737 familirization, safety emergency procedure, inflight observation, service procedure and last but not least our supernumarary flight. grooming was the most fun subject of all since we get the chance for an image make over. we were sent to hair expert to advice us on our hairstyle and later we were sent on a class for grooming as in how to do a great makeup, skin care and such. we also been thought in effective communication in communication skills class. we also get the chance to understand the concept of flight in aviation class. the subject covers from the parts of the aircraft, gmt to theory of flight. i would say that safety procedure has been the most toughest subject in the trainning since it cover from hijacks to first aid. but then again, it is also the most interesting subject of all, since we are expose to survival skills, first aid, handling destructive passenger and such. every now and then we would have examination to test our understanding on every subject, those who failed will need to resit the subject,we would gather together and studied till midnight. we would tutor each other till late. eventhou its hard, our teamwork, friendship and hardship that we learn from each other strive us till the end.

tomorrow marks a new day in our life since we'll be having our last course in our training which the supernumarary flight. this last few days that we will spend together will be remembered forever. good luck everyone.

This 65 days of trainning have been the most longest and the most happiest days of our life. We came in as 16 batchmates and we finish as 1. 09/2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

im alive

one thing that i really hate about life is changes. yeah changes, as in a passing from one phase to another. tomorrow is the last day of our training (SNY tidak termasuk), we'll be having a our finale test on morning and wet run (to those who isn't fimiliar with the terms, this is what we call practical for service procedure in the mockup aircraft with real food), a few hours of class, dance rehearsal and SNY briefing. when i just about to get along, just about to have my very extra super wonderfull comfort zone... all of the sudden our trainning life is over, so there wont be any more CBT, Lala Land (refers to the smoking area), instructor, CCTS and FS&HF or in other word there wont be any MAA up till our refresher course or tetibe kene panggil balik. i know i kept repeating the same thing, but there wont be anymore KTM session! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! omg i tell you how much the KTM session means for me! (is not the whole waitting for the train session yea... itu sikit pun tidak ku rindu). tetapi sesi saya dan wanie bercerita. yup... we talked about life! we talked about stuff... we talked about work/training and last but not least we talked about how frustrated we are with the KTM services. muahahha

since im moving in with them(merujuk kepada mereka-mereka yang tinggal di tingkat 15 iaitu jarjar, chewbaca, crissy dan munchkin) around late august, so there wont be any bitching session for me siot... GREAT! :(
its not that i dont want things to change, its just that i would love if i could enjoy this moment a bit longer, lepas tue nak abis, abis la. jeez... tapi after two month will thing still be like how it used to be?

moving on...
DONT EAT AT J.CO DONUT!!!!! THEY SUCK! I BOUGHT A DONUT WHICH CONTAIN INSECTS! *saya tiada gambar untuk membuktikan ini tetapi ITS TRUE! vote for big apple!

and owh yea i think im thinking of someone siot! and its definately not Diana. i have a sort of happy feeling but not sure what it's called :)

"i hope my smile can distract you"
the perisher - pills

"January, February, March, April, May I'm alive
June, July, August, September,October I'm alive
November, December, you all through the winter, I'm alive
I'm alive"
stars - calender girl

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

KUL/KCH/KUL part 2

it was S-U-P-E-R-B! lemme repeat that.... it was SUPERB man!!! everything started off not soo good, since the transport had a minor problem with the engine but after that it was a smooth journey to the end. the crew was extra super duper nice. teach me alot in terms of working during bz flight. we had a full load from and to KUL. had a hands on session during pre-flight and during flight. owh yea my back hurts due to bending here and there, i need to learn the art of "not to bend" but still manage to get down... owh yeah... kudos to the crew, they made my first flight as a moment to be remembered. wehuu! looking foward to my SNY.

"remember it wont be all sunshine and birds flying around all day. there would definately be rainy days and thunder storm. so hope for the best and be extra prepared for the worst."
one of the crew

Friday, June 19, 2009

KUL/KCH/KUL part 1

first flight! worried/nervous/happy/excited/speechless

Thursday, June 18, 2009


i would say right now i am happy and afraid at the same time since my observation flight is in two days time. im happy that im like thiiiiis close in finishing my trainning and thiiiiis close in becoming a real steward but can i handle the heat? since things are very different up there. when you're working down here you can always sneak out and have a few puff of smoke whenever you feel a bit deepress or tension with the people around you but how the hell can i sneak out of the aeroplane and grap a few puff of cigarettes. will i be lost in KLIA? can i answer all the question by the senior crew? can i survive all the hell in the aircraft?

on the otherside
this past few weeks have been really great, the cherating trip was absolutely aweeesome; something that i'll remember forever, safety class was damn great especialy with the IFS, CS, LSS and a rock safety bitchy-ness and bimbo level has come to a new level. uniforms and accessories dah dapat. i would definately miss the ktm session with wanie after i start online! kugilalensa dah siap their first single! honey madu actually puji my design for the cover. (senyum lebaaaaaaaar)

p.s - sempoi je shikin... :)
i havent post any new entries lately, being all moody after class really doesnt help me to have anything good to write. the shitty part is, i kept thinking of diana this few weeks, especially after tersempak dengan dia the other day at parade when me, sallina and crystal went to mfm for our lunch. i kept sayin that im okay, but i dont think i am. i miss how we would shop groceries together and spending the day in the kitchen; cooking, messing around and bla bla bla. i do admit that maybe i was a bit unmature back then but one thing for sure, i was really serious in our relationship. its sad thinking how long we spent to build our castle in the sky and it only takes another person to make the sky all dark and empty. i wasnt really good in expressing my emotions and no, im not the spontaneous romantic kinda of guy but i have tried my best to be there for her.

"A beautiful girl can make you dizzy, Like you've been drinking jack and coke all morning, She can make u feel high, Full a single greatest commodity known to man"
Takingback Sunday - Great Romance of The 20th Century

she USED to make me feel dizzy and high.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

days to go!

10 fregging days to go for our observation flight! and 16 days to go till my supernumarary flight! hahah tak sabar ada, cam sedih pun ade! :(

name tag dah dapat, maybe this week akan dapat full uniform kot! weehuuu!! tak sabar!


terminator salvation was awesome! am looking foward untuk episode seterusnya :)


am missing cherating!

kugilalensa! sayep rindukan anda semua!


emotionally unstable


"Too bad you knew me.
When I wasn't ready.
I wasn't ready.
Did I say, "Come and get me?"
Too bad I held on."
Meg & Dia - Masterpiece

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

fairy tales

"We all remember the bed time stories of our childhood. The shoe fit Cinderella, the frog was turned into a prince, sleeping beauty was awakened with a kiss. Once upon a time and then they lived happily ever after. Fairy tales. The stuff of dreams."
Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 1

fairy tales dont come true and it's just too impossible to have happy endings. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

can things get any better?

minggu ini sangat sux. saya sangat moody, craving for new emo-screamo songs.

dah la dengan tiada mood, class everyday dekat CBT (computer based trainning), tambah lagi dengan my classmate yang failed fundamental on hospitality subject which she had to leave our class dan join batch junior, im sad that she had to leave us and at the same time i am scared yang maybe im next kooot. nak study sungguh tiada mood. first aid test is on next monday. fock x ready lagi siot.


so far i've completed
- grooming
- impact
- communication
- aviation
- fundamental on hospitality
- cabin familirization B737-400 *giggles*
- first aid (on goin)

there's still 17 days to my in flight observation (IOE) and 25 day to my SNY flights (practical)

ish... fock... takut gile...
if its meant to be, then it is meant to be la...

Monday, May 25, 2009

saya bangge

saya bangge dengan dorang.
walaupun cam masuk 8tv quikie je.
but to me it is so far kugilalensa's biggest achievement!
congratz you guys!
sorry again for not being there.
ade test keesokkan harinya.
go guys!

p.s - terharu bile adi cakap "drummer yang start band neyh..." kita la beb... kite semua yang start! hahahah

*kugilalensa di 8tv

Sunday, May 24, 2009

something during the weekend

ahhh its sunday evening again you guys. well you know what that means. our lovely weekend is almost over. im glad to say that my weekend was filled with activities yang seronok. :)
went shopping a bit, lepaking, jamming, paintball-ing and g potong rambut kat kimerie ss2. eventho i had to choose between jamming dengan my friends atau pegi clubbing ngan MAS mates, x menyesal poooooon korang! hahhaha next time ade lagi. ala cherating trip is still on kan? hhehehe

moving on to paintball
hahahah i kene direct shot dekat tangan kat peha. OMG i tell you the pain is... SANGAT SAKIT i tell you! siap berdenyut-denyut lagi. lebam dier tak tgk. waduh waduh. tapi the adrenaline rush dier tersangat lah stim. walaupun sakit.... tapi still besh gile babi. nnti nak ajak all my classmate g paintball-ing. hahhaha rasa macam saving private ryan bile jerit *"im pinned down!" "cover me!"*

next week
wah tomorrow i ade cabin familiarization for boeing 737-400. dorang kate piece of cake... tatau la lagi, nak study malam kang jap lagi. selasa dan 17 hari yang seterusnya ada subject paling susah dalam trainning neyh; safety emergency procedure boeing 737-400. tapi yang paling besh jumaat ney... TRIP TO CHERATING!!! weeehu! tak sabar!

p,.s - i baru sehat dari demam! my germ dah berpindah ke wanie :P

sambil tue sila layan ini.

Monday, May 18, 2009


"Pressure pushing down on me"
Queen - Under Pressure


U may sense it but u may not sees it. 

Im actually preparing for my team presantation tomorrow *LAH sangat sempat tulis post ney lagi!* which is about wine production and stuff but i still nak study for my examanation this coming wednesday *which ade 2 test!!! the first one cover the whole chapter in fundamental of hospitality (e.g from handling customer to cocktail making) and the second one cover from day 1 till now!*


The Beatles - Help

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009



its the weekend again.
a two days of relaxing before a stressful week, again.
ahhh, luckily monday will be fun since its the wine, cocktail, mocktails and etc making and tasting session. its been while tho since i consume any alchohol beverages. hihihihi best nye.
but then again hari rabu ade 2 test kot. shit! pagi ade test on fundamental of hospitality and petang ade test semua yang dah beajar setakat neyh *sorta macam peperiksaan penggal pertama la :(*

fark. its a stressful week all over again. dah la dengan menari-manri tue lagi. eventho the committee are happy with what we have so far, but still, penat la.i hate goin back home with sore feet and penat tahap dewa. i wont get to do anything else except facebook-ing. urghh. this is nobody's fault actually. the committee pun ade dateline for everything, and kiteorang kene sway by their way jee. :(
in the mean time mari layan do re mi.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


so finally the director decided to matikan character izzy isobel stevens. tapi sedih kot cara dia mati. some brain cancer, the part which makes it even sadder is when she got married to alex krev eventhou dah tinggal last-last minute nak hidup dah :(
*sila rujuk grey's anatomy season 5, episode 22*

well neway, today seems a bit slow i guess. sat in the computer based trainning room all day. had a dance rehearsal. i think now kiteorang dah dapat around 60% dah kot *hooray to us*. touch up sini sana je lagi. 

as i expected, making this happen is the hardest part in the trainning. even safety, aviation, first aid and fundamental of hospitality is not as hard as this teamwork stuff. jeez. 

"So I need some fine wine, and you, you need to be nicer
For the good times and the bad times
That we'll have"
The Cardigans - I need some fine wine, and you, you need to be nicer

Monday, May 11, 2009

And they call this tragedy

lately im addicted to alesana and the cardigans maka kebanyakkan tajuk entry diambil dari lagu mereka-mereka. hahahah bulan ini saya sangat emotional. :P

well anyway
i think this week saya tentu akan collapse punye kenapa?
a. dah rasa macam nak demam
b. aviaton class start besok selama 2 hari dimana;
i. byk 3 letter codes kene hafal e.g MFM = Macau *takde similarities lansung*
ii. theory of flight lagi *dah la dulu fizik teruk gile*
iii. GMT *saya mmg suka matematik, tapi menghafal saya sangat teruk*
iv. meteorology
v. flight pattern
c. lepas kene hafal ney ade test lak tue hari khamis
d. followed by fundamental of hospitality on friday
e. pastu selasa next week ade test lagi

OWH MI GAWD! This is usually the part where people scream *title lagu alesana :P*

on the bright side
kugilalensa kene invite ngan Quickie 8tv to perform this coming sunday tetapi selepas negotiate, mereka-mereka di 8tv sanggup postponed slot kiteorang till ahad the following week. obviously kugilalensa akan main acoustic. sidi ajak join sekali main shaker tapi the thing is kalo saya agree 
i. saya kene pertimbangkan agreement saya ngan my company which ade phrase yang mengatakan saya tidak boleh di-intervier atau appear di tv atau media massa dimana saya membuat persembahan atau memberi komen. kalo kantoi kene bayar that 20K siot. siap kene misconduct. 
ii. plus im oredi macam out from the band. nnti apa dorang kate lak? dah la hari ahad, gila ka... nnti kelas FOH terhangguk-hangguk nak tidur.

tapi setakat ini, rase nye tak join kot. setakat ikut pergi sana sudah la.

And I'll be keeping it cool tonight 
*The Cardigans - For What Its Worth*

congratz to kugilalensa for a superb performance the other day. sorry couldn't be there!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

48 days to go

"no one ever said that life was fair and I'm not saying that it should be
so knowing that you are where you want to be and I'm not comes as no surprise
but don't expect me to be happy for you
and don't smile at me and tell me things will work out for me too
I don't want your pity... I dont need your pity"
- alesana

last week has been quite hectic. so far i have just finished my induction & dicipline, Company rules & regulation, grooming & deportment, I.M.P.A.C.T, my first exam which i scored 86% *ade score 100% kot cibai tol*, communication skills & voice enrichment, did my crew ID and airport pass, learn how to use "THE" company email and internet crew management system (iCMS) and last but not least our graduation performance is 45% complete cume tinggal the second song and our intro. phew! this pass 17 days of trainning has been killing me; the dance practice after class, studying for examination, announcement stuff *well hey i got RATED for the announcement thinggy which means i can make announcement once i start flying :)*, waking up early eventho tak cukup tito and stuff happen between me and my friends. there is still 48 days of misery, suprises, happiness, hectic-ness, struggling etc to go. hopefully i'll survive till the end. next week i'll be having my security awareness, introduction to aviation, second exam *lets cross our finger guys that we'll do good on this one*, fundamental on hospitality *yeay mari kita belajar bagaimana nak buat bloody mary, presidente, virgin mary etc* and exam part 2 final. basically for this pass 17 days i've been berpegang teguh kepada quote ini "if it's meant to be then it's meant to be". kalo dah usaha punya usaha, tapi tak dapat jugak, kena berserah sahaja la but still i wont lose without a fight aitgh *pantang berundur sebelum kalah* cheewah

moving on
weekend sangat mencemburui aku, pejam celik dah hari ahad. damn! i really miss my days which i always wake up around 3 o'clock and spend the whole day by doing nothing. well kena lah bersusah dahulu sebelum dapat sesuatu yang indah bukan? 
hari ney mother's day, and we *me and my brothers* gave my mum a clinique skin care set. really felt something when we get together and bought a present for her. i think, dier mungkin terharu bukan pasal hadiah tapi kiteorang bertiga get together and bought something for her. :)
and now i was thinking apa nak bagi my "so-called-daddy" for father's day. my mum always says that "blood is thicker than water, no matter what happen in the end he is still your father". do i care? ahahhahaha tgk lah macam mana nanti.

a. sorry kugilalensa and especially hanin & adi, i couldnt make it for your gig! was busy last minute shopping for mother's day.
b. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CRYSTAL *rujuk pada gambar dibawah*
c. wanie the gold fish, hahhaa sorry kenot buat ending moves gempak-gempak
d. basically due to my company policy, i cant say which company am i trainning for, so i replace the company's name with "THE". *sila rujuk post sebelum ini* hahahha
d. happy mother's day to all the single mother out there that has been struggling and surviving! be strong!

     *happy birthday crystal!*

*our "field trip" hahaha*

Friday, May 1, 2009


sedang boring berpusing-pusing didalam facebook. suddently i have this weird feeling to checkout kugilalensa's public profile in facebook. i was so shocked to found this...

rasa bangga yang teramat. i felt proud for kugilalensa. kak fynn kot. never thought she would even listen to kugilalensa's songs. thanxs for the lovely comment!

love me love me

hot gile kot nina persson masa ni.

The Sun, Wednesday, April 29, 2009

cube telitikan digambar dibahagian bawah. hahahah eventho 15% of my face is covered, masih bangga kot! hahah

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

lesson in life #3

"dude, u can do anything you want; manicure, facial, pedicure, saloon etc. you can even hangout with those fags if you want to, tapi jangan main bontot sudah!"
- my brother

kesimpulan: eventhou at times i am scared in pursuing my career dalam industri airlines ney since normal+straight guys are a minority, takut terjebak. tapi in the end it is all up to you!

there's always something better on the otherside

there's no more "me/alip/alipe/wish" in kugilalensa
i have decided to concerntrate on my training in MAS. juggling 2 things is dangerous especially when you are tied with a RM20,000 worth of contract. yup, T-W-E-N-T-Y-T-H-O-U-S-A-N-D!
plus  the indie scene right now is flooded with wannabe, fakers, LIARS, uneducated musician wannabe, LIARS and LIARS.

basic principle in supply and demands
*permintaan naik, pengeluaran naik, kualiti menurun*

tak perlulah nak elaborate lebih-lebih. if you are in the scene, you will definately agree with me. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ketiak Tentu Masam

Ever since last monday i had to take the public transportation sebab nak balik rumah. From the moment menunggu train lagi anda atau sesiapa sahaja yang selalu mengunakan servis KTM Komuter ini akan easily get irratated by the service, such as:-

a. train delay
b. dah delay, delay summore
c. the speed of the train
d. HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) dalam train tue
e. ke-sardin-an train tue
f. annoying voice *train ke perlabuhan klang akan tiba sebentar lagi*
g. kekurangan seat di station ktm *sumtimes tada kot di sesetengah stesyen*
h. last but not least, bau-bauan ketiak orang dalam KTM (ketiak tentu masam) komuter *this is nobody's fault actually, cume nak highlight je mcm kelakar, hahah*

i knoe im paying rm1.00 untuk balik shah alam, tapi come on lah. everday approx. ade around 5000 orang yang bayar for THAT KIND of service. there's a million ways for KTM to actually improve their service so that there will act lagi ramai naik KTM. i mean kalo setakat buat and that's it, sampai bile siot. sifat malaysian yang sampai sekarang tak berubah; "selagi tiada persaingan kita akan leka, leka dan leka" - sum sasterawan sed this b4. but i forgot who. just because they are the only one who are providing transportation that cover most of THE place in klang valley, doesnt mean they can take things for granted. i mean come on la, if LRT could still maintain their not so great service, but why is KTM Komuter having this horrible service? selagi KTM tada persaing, sampai forever lah service dier akan macam ini.

Monday, April 13, 2009

love carnival fool

i just cant stop listening to carnival and lovefool by the cardigans.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

the book

i used to have this journal+diary+notebook where i wrote almost everthing that popped out of my mind daily. basically it was me inside a book. what i do daily, some ramblings of words, drawings and anything u name it. but somewhere during when i was in form 5 i stopped writing for some reason. i used to post those stuff i wrote in "Gelanggang Puitis (". persoalannya timbul, teruk sangat kah zaman persekolahan aku sampai pelbagai ayat-ayat dendam ditulis didalam buku tersebut. teruk sangat ke?

"jika ku mahu,
akan ku pijak-pijak mu,
sampai 6 kaki ke dalamnya,
berdarah dan hancur muka,"

kalo pasal cerita cinta pula, selalunya hopeless romantic. kelakar bila baca balik.

"kau ibarat angin yang bertiup,
sangat syahdu dan lembut,
aku tidak ingin,
kehilangan kau angin,"

Monday, April 6, 2009


dengan bangga nye berita tentang kugilalensa lagi besar dari berita jamiroquai. sama ada dorang tersalah cetak atau mmg di-plan untuk begitu, saya tak tau. hahahahah

Thursday, April 2, 2009

it's funny...

the basic fundamental in karma; "one who give shall received one later" or "what goes around, goes around" and "what goes up, must come down".

but then again do they actually received one back later? does it really goes around like in a circle? does it really come down after it went up? 

does really works this way? does it really work at all?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


"jika kau mahu lihat segalanya itu sebagai suatu yang negatif, kamu akan nampak segalanya itu taik, busuk dan berbau najis, jika kau mahu lihat segalanya itu begitu pasif, maka kau lihat segalanya hitam pekat, hodoh, tak cantik, tak menarik..."

missfynnjamal - bunga matahari

Monday, March 30, 2009

Tashya's Ink

Tashya's Ink - Yang Ku Mahu
Love the catchy melody.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

one cafe

one cafe is a normal cafe with _____

i. lousy soundsystem
ii. suckie management
iii. smelly couch
iv. bad service
v. dangdut punye gaya
vi. small space
vii. bad location
iix. kotor nak mampus punye toilet ( i seen worst)
ix. deaf soundman
x. (last but not least) cheap food and drinks

conclusion nya, jikalau anda hendak buat gig dan kawan anda suggest untuk buat di one cafe, kawan anda itu layak dipukul, dihenyak dan di-rumble ramai-ramai kerana merasakan one cafe adalah sesuatu tempat yang sesuai untuk buat gig. :)

for the sake of celebrating it or for an awareness?

yesterday, i went to capsquare to see how does malaysian celebrate the turning your lights off for an hour event or also know as earth hour (one of the most "not-so-overated" event). i for one went there actually not to celebrate (as if i would want to celebrate it, i would just sit at home and turn all my lights off) but to see what effect does this whole awareness campaign did to us or malaysian to be specified. sadly i was dissapointed. the campaign itself wasted alot more money and energy than awareness. i overheard banyak gile orang cakap masa dekat event tue...

"what i came all the way just for this?"
sum chick who i like to describe as a stupid blonde

"dude... this is lame... (jojo was doin her tap dance at that time)"
a big black fag

"tutup lampu lah sangat... bla bla bla... boring gile..."
entah sape

i mean do you guys came all the way to join the awareness campaign or sebab everybody is heading there...? come on guys? earth hour is not an event where you can see korn perform live on stage or dj's spinning their tunes but you can actually see people who work very very hard to safe the earth. its all about kesedaran tentang global warming. its about knowing, rather that being ignorance. its about keeping the earth for the future generations. world wildlife foundation really does play a big part in keeping the earth safe for us, for everybody, for our cucu, cicit but why we are making the earth a miserable place to live on day by day? nothing last forever, i knoe, but at least we can prolong the lifetime of the earth. i would not rate myself as an enviromentalist but at least, i do all the little-little small stuff which really does make a big difference if we all put our hands together and do the same thing. as told by joey g this earth hour is an annual event. so next year people when you pergi to the earth second hour, so ask yourself you are goin there for the sake of celebrating it or for an awareness.

p.s = jumpe hamzah ngan shikin kat situ. lama gile tak jumpe dorang... :) and malu giler tersalah tegur orang time gelap-gelap tue... hahahha

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

on the brighter side

on the brighter side, i've just finished MAS medical checkup and tommorow is the bonding briefing. yeeeeehhhhaaaawwwwwww... cant wait... i am thhhiiss close in becomin a cabin crew trainee. btw the medical checkup was quite suprizing u know. i never act went through this DETAIL medical checkup where they:-
a. x-ray
b. eye test
c. hearing test
d. check ye tulang and everything
e. double check ye body mass indexs
f. interview for medical history
g. check ye TESTICALS for any abnormality

hahahh yang G tue paling terkezut when the doctor ordered me to get naked and suruh i batu-batuk. hahha klakar gile... especially when my doctor was a she... hahhaha

i donno...

push as much as you can... i have decided.... maybe... urgggg... i dunno...
i am not datttt good... if you can find someone better.. then just go for it....

"kalo ko rase dier neyh meng-slowkan perjalanan ko, better to ditch him/her since keeping a rotten apple wont do any good to you..."
approximately 4 years ago by achappz

Monday, March 23, 2009

is not giving up

""if you are never good with something, better start looking for a new hobby. otherwise it will turned out a disaster"
- someone close

selepas berfikir dalam tentang perkataan diatas, quite suprizing it is true. after listening over, over and over again to Sara Bareilles - Gravity, i felt like im nothing more than just a gravity to the people around me. i AM that one particular thing that has and always been keeping them down. i was never good at it. why bother trying... this is not giving up, even doctors dont have that 100% success rate, we are not perfect, we are not flawless, definately we are only humans, we are not gods and it is not wrong for someone to actually sedar that when they are never good at it... they will never be. there's always something else to try. yeah im not afraid of trying again and im not calling this giving up. everyone has that one particular thing that they are good with, and on my case, its just not THAT. how they will accept it? well that is another different story that they have to live with it. kan?

"sesungguhnya kamu yang telah menundukkan ku"
- wani ardy - graviti (cover untuk Gravity by Sara Bareilles)

well in my case

"sesungguhnya aku yang telah menundukkan mu"

its hard to turn a new leaf. but you have to start somewhere. obviously you want to get depress later. sooner or later i just have face it. its better that i face it now. kan?

Friday, March 20, 2009

a little something somthing

i was bored okkkaaayyy.... had nothing to do lately.... so i went blog hopping the other day... and saw this blog whith all this polaroid pictures... it was kinda cool anyway... so from there, ideas and ideas came for kugilalensa's banner... so yeah.. in the end dapat neyh... :)

how wonderfull life is...!!


Dear All,
Kindly be informed that you are required to undergo pre-employment exercise
as follows:-
          Date      :     as per attachment
          Time       :     as per attachment
          Venue     :     MAS Medical Centre
                         Ground Floor Admin Building 3
                         MAS Complex B
                         Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Aiport
You are required to wear the office attire (T-shirt, Jeans, Sneakers Shoe not allowed)
Please confirm your attendance and please do not hesitate to call me if you
have any queries at 03-7x4x4x8x (Puan xxx)/03-7x4x4x8x (Puan xxxxx).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

semakin hampir.... semakin...

OHMAAIII GGOODD! semakin hampir.. yes... the day i long waited for....

Dear All,
From      :   Human Resources (Recruitment & Selections)
Date      :   18 Mar 2009
This is to inform that you are invited to attend bonding briefing
as below details :-
Date       :       26 Mar 2009
Time      :       0830 am
Document required (to bring) : Stationery Set
Dress code : formal/office attire (no t-shirt and jeans)
Please confirm your attendance and please do not hesitate to call us,if
you have any queries you can contact Puan xxx at 03-7x4x4x8x or Puan xxxxx at 03-7x4x4x8x.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


at last, i have some pictures to post in my blog. hahahahha at last.
anyway nie photoshoot band kugilalensa courtesy of Ain, Mamu, Ijam and Nurul. :)
gambar cantik dorang tangkap. tapi kalo ade fish eye lens, lagi besh kot. hmmm. neway well thanxs korang.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Im tagged!

Dengan pertolongan Syikin, saya telah ditagged untuk menghadapi masa atau saat-saat yang membosankan ini... hahahah

Go to Google and type in your first name and the phrase all in quotes. Copy and paste the first sentence/phrase you get that makes sense.

1. Question: Type in "[your name] needs" in the Google search.
ALIF needs a long skin incision and extensive dissection... (hahahah)

2. Question: Type in "[your name] looks like" in Google search.
The letter alif looks like a vertical line. At the beginning of a word, it can sound like the short vowels "a," "i," or "u." Or it can act as a place-holder ... (hahaha jawi beb)

3. Question: Type in "[your name] says" in Google search.
[01:38:12] Alif says: imagine ur close fren lying to you [01:38:18] Alif says: how'd you feel? [01:38:24] my friend! says: it hurts ...

4. Question: Type in "[your name] wants" in Google search.
alif transport wants to become the first choice for the customers. having more than five years experience...(???)

5. Question: Type in "[your name] does" in Google search.
ALIF does have several drawbacks. First, it requires a separate incision. With a transperitoneal approach, there is risk of ...(??? hah!)

6. Question: Type in "[your name] hates" in Google search.
ALhamdulillah alif hates tuna :P Every Monday his tuna sandwich lunch bento is subtituted by cheese sandwich hehe. Since Alif become the kindergarten’s ... (really do i hate tuna?)

7. Question: Type in "[your name] asks" in Google search.
... Outlandish "I Only Ask of God". Added by Alif Music ...

8. Question: Type in "[your name] likes " in Google search.
alif likes those songs.. seriously.. he sings it in school sometimes. ... (lagu ape?? angin? hahha)

9. Question: Type in "[your name] eats " in Google search.
...and they got psycho by me into eating cakes from Secret Recipe. Thats the next post guys : ). Alif Restaurant.. (even got a restaurant with my name.. coolness)

10. Question: Type in "[your name] wears " in Google search.
I had a 360 ALIF and still had to wear the brace which actually was...

11. Question: Type in "[your name] loves" in Google Search.
Alif Love Supreme Album by Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Alif: Love Supreme Album Reviews, Alif: Love Supreme Track Listing, Alif: Love Supreme Track Clips, ...

12. Question: Type in "[your name] is taken" in Google Search.
he pronunciation of Alif - Aaa is a sound taken from the lowest part of the throat... (Jawi lagi.. hahha)

13. Question: Type in "[your name] works" in Google Search.
ALIF works well for degenerative disc disease without spondylolisthesis... (hahah tade kene mengena kot)

14. Question: Type in "[your name] was arrested for" in Google Search.
Alif Khan can't go home. ... Afghan troops arrested him in Gardez in early 2002 while he was riding in a car from Kabul to Khost. ... (Alif Khan pulak pegi nye... hahah)

Jadi di sini saye meng-tag 3 kawan saya... Adi, Amim-san dan Hanin... hihihih

Hell Yeah!


Dear Mr/Ms Alif Iskandar Bin Tarihhuddin

We are pleased to inform that you have been selected as a Trainee Cabin
Crew with Malaysia Airlines.This position is subject to the following:

-  Passing medical examination by a doctor nominated by MAS
-  Passing all security clearance
-  Posses valid international passport
-  Bonded with MAS for the duration of 2 years
-  Complete (Bonding Agreement)

Malaysia Airlines (HR Recruitment) will notify you on the arrangements and
we would appreciate that you avail yourself for the appointment.

Should you need futher clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

lesson in life #2

money is a dangerous thing to play with. no matter who you are or where you are, you will always get your self into this mess. spending and saving need to be plans ahead otherwise you'll stuck being pennyless or broke at the end of the month. no matter how big or how small your salary/allowance is, semua nye bergantung on how you plan your spendings. in my case i never actually plan my spending, everytime i have money, i'll just set my self on a "shoping spree mode" like there's no tomorrow. thats my problem. never really actually fikir pasal those rainy days. haha i knoe it is suckie at times. ehh no all the time.. hhaha well people change kan? especially bila dah terhantuk kuat-kuat dekat kepala bwu dorang realize, "its about time i change this and that". same here. am really start to plan my spending. 

and talking about changes, yeah i do realize that people do change, everyday and everytime. for better and for worse. well its apart of growing up kan? its great when you realize mistakes you did in the past years and trying not to step into the same potholes again and again and again. really! especially when it involves managing stuff. bravo!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

is soul searching

i dont really know what i want.
i dont really quite sure whats the next step?
am i on the right track?
will i regret later?
i know regret and mistakes are all apart of life cycle,
but then again i dont want to be THAT dude who gets old, crappy and keeps complaining for what mistakes i did when i was young.
so yeah, im young, i cant affford making stupid decisions and mistakes.

am i on the right track?

Monday, February 16, 2009

16 february 2009

a. pepagi buta lepak kat padang dataran shah alam and menyayi cam orang gile dengan bertemankan dengan cd, ema ngan sepasang shaker kicil. COOLIES! tengs guys for culik-ing me.
b. woke up this morning, on ym and there was this offline msg...

"Pls Help 2 blast out this msg ASAP. A car was stolen by an Indian in Taman Berkeley, Klang early Morning on 16 Feb. A young boy aged 6 yrs old was inside th car. If you see a meroon Proton Wira JF A 4552, pls call mr Foo @ 019- 6555174 or 012 2838371 or nearest police station. It is kid who must be in fear now, that matters. Your immediate msg blast are very much appreciated"

Awat nak culik orang on my birthday. Fok man, what has this world turn into?

c. felt new since im 22 today. yeay! coolness! im officially legal to go anywhere! wuhuuu.
d. my brother bought me 2 pairs of new drumstick
e. had a "before dinner + evening tea" in TGI The Curve
f. family dinner
g. small-small stuff yang tidak perlu diperkatakan disini :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

the beginning of something new

woke up around 9, 10 camtue. there was like 4 new messages and sume tanye wether i got the job or not. it was pretty suckie to start the day with since i x dapat any phone calls pun lagi. and suddently a fren of mine called and he said he got it. i asked how did he know? did the pegawai from MAS call you or something? and he said no man, i was the one who called them. so immediately i hang up and called MAS HR dept. and guess what? i still cant stop smiling. bud sadly from my group (me, sue ling, lisa, bryan and alwin) alwin didnt make it. tot we could be the happy and bubbly batch. hahahha i wish. so yeah, most probably i'll:-

a. start my trainning around march KOTTTTTTT
b. bonding for 2 years
c. contract for 3 years
d. finish everything by march 2014

omg this is my beginning of something new... something big perhaps... its now or never baby! at last, i can get out from my comfort zone and start something new. explore new things. new working enviroment and experience. tapi feel kinda hard to leave RANtAi, the whole rock the art tour crew and kugilalensa especially. this is by far the most exciting episode in my life so far. if im still with my ex, this would be the second best lah. hahah

p.s = you can scratch my first wish list.. since i already got the job yo! hahahha

*still smiling*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

my new wish list

for my birthday maybe?

a. cabin crew job in Malaysia Airlines System (obses gile babi neyh)
b. sarah brightman VIP ticket (blue seat pun jadi laa)
c. mocca ticket pun ok lah, murah je
d. a tone port
e. dat particular wallet in topshop
f. a brand new acoustic guitar (mine neck dah bengkok, dah sangat2 season)
g. drumstick baru pun jadilah


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

mari ramai-ramai berdoa...

uhh... after waitting for almost 2 weeks, tomorrow is THE day. THE day which will, either melegakan or menghampakan. besok jawapan MAS keluar, as we budjet la... hopefully dapat. so i could get out from my comfort zone. i wanna go out and experience more. please. i really need this job.

*sila hayati "the monophones - a voyage to the velvet sun"*

Sunday, February 8, 2009


ohhhhh mmmaaaaiii gggoooodddd....!!!

sarah brightman is stoping by in malaysia for her symphony tour. ouh shit! checked ticket axcess already, the ticket price ranging from rm253 to RM1203. madefake mahal siot! i am sooooo not goin to sunburst and obviously im gonna stop spending, and save. dapat seat paling cikai pun ok la. as long as i dont get to miss this second opportunity. fuck man. really gotta see her. aaaaa...!!! im soooo gonna dream about her and her lovely voice. lantak laa, pop-ish soprano pun lantak laa. as long as her songs gave me that serene feeling. the first time i listen to her songs when i was like 14 kot. and she gave me that goosebump. uhh just like kak fynn's poetry.

DUDEEEE... forgot my birthday is coming this 16th, so everyone, kumpulkan lah duit anda dan donate kepada saye yea. pleaseeeeeeee. bukan selalu mintak hadiah. hahahhaha 

p.s = kan betoi firasat saye mengatakan NERD main kat sunburst. tapi lantak lah, sarah brightman lagi rawk dari pharrell williams!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

All's Well That Ends Well

yeah.. alhamdulillah. after being rush here and there the whole week for "RANtAi presents Gaza: Let Ther Be Love 2009", everything seem berbaloi pada hari event tersebut. booth participation were great, the crowd were excellent, music performance were breath taking (thanks to incik-incik soundman), the committee were very helpfull and the media was very nice to cover us. at first i tot things would not turn out as good as it is, since there were a few miscommunication and most of the work were being done last minute. jeez. dah la ade event yang sebijik ngan rantai ney cume dekat Bangsar Shopphing Center. gila. 

secara holistiknya event semalam was besh. timing lari sikit jee (thanxs to melissa, hamzah, ojie and everyone for keeping the timing cantik-cantik je), tara and hamzah totally rock the stage with the syncho-psycho-ish mc (ahhahah), and thanxs to everyone for the every work you guys did to ensure the smoothness of the event. at last chemistry dah ade. :)

and not forgetting to those who shop at the event and menderma dalam tabung. roughly we manage to get aroung 2.8K for Gaza. See... dats wat chu get when you gather indie labels, artist, event organizer and of course the great indie crowd. maybe 2.8k seems a bit little to some of us, but to me it will mean a lot to those guys and children in Gaza. thanxs guys.

for those of you who didnt come and shop for gaza, you totally missed out on a great event. 

all's well that ends well
"RANtAi presents Gaza: Let Ther Be Love 2009"

p.s = rase besh lak jadi stage coordinator semalam. eventhou i x makan the whole day, but feel satisfied bile tgk the event run smoothly. it was a "priceless" moment. hahhaha bile nak wat event lagi. hahah btw pictures coming up guys! stay tuned!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

pretty fucktup

i am pretty fucktup
doin something for somebody tapi, when i asked my self back. what do i get in return? im still figuring it out till now. you invested your energy, time and not so much of your money for... no im not complaining, bitching or anything, but i just dont quite understand myself for getting my but into this situation eventhou i see this whole thing is gonna happen, but dont think it would be this soon. well, hope i can get it done without spending any more money since im pennyless and totally broke. god please help me here...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

pity me

im sad and im broke... totally

Monday, February 2, 2009


the waitting part is really the hardest part. kenape la Malaysia Airlines tak terus pilih orang. tak tahu ke ade yg tak keje. dan dah boring dengan rutin hariannye.

a. bgn pagi
b. uruskan diri
c. makan
d. facebook, myspace, ym dan blog
e. makan
f. pukul buku hard cover dgn drumstick
g. ulang d sampai f sampai malam
h. kalo bertuah memember ajak lepak
i. tito

and thats how i spend my day. hopefully jawapan cabin crew tue awal sikit so i could get a job and get a new routine. one thing about routine that i hate is there's no suprises. buat itu, itu je la. tade pape. boring. :(

lesson in life # 1

when you met lots of different people in various background and profession, 1 thing you will realise. there's too many colours of people you have met. macam tee shirt,

a. there are t-shirt with light colours but with complicated designs
b. there's even with dark colours tapi designnye cantik
c. light colours with cool design
d. last but not least dark colours, ugly design

people dont change. you cannot expect them to change. even if tommorow is armageddon, like hell they are gonna change. they are still gonna stick to how they are. 
i really hate & despise those who always take things for granted. what do you really think i would be ok all the way with how you manage things? please do think about others. and there's even some girls i met *no im not bragging or anything*, just because i went out with you, doesnt mean im into you. please i been single for about 2 years, and i think i can live another day without any companion. noo please dont get me wrong, i like how things are. i like having you as a fren and maybe besfriend. but nothing more. please dont give me that l.o.v.e thing, it will spoil everything. trust me. 

"too bad you know me, when i wasnt ready..." 
meg & dia - masterpiece

there's even some people suprizingly love to lie. *liar liar your pants on fire*
they will do just anything to get their ass cover. even if they have to lie about the real situation. i met a guy, the other day, one thing about him is no matter how bad is the situation is. he would go like "naaahhhh, there's nothing to be worried about. i got things covered!". MY ASS! how can you say thing are covered when it is falling apart betul-betul depan mata you. 


no matter what the colour is, how the design is. you just have to live with it. its already printed. you cannot just erase the print and print a new one. you just cant. either you things yourself or do it together eventho you know in the end things will still be the same.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

my wish list

omg its 14 days more till my birthday. so i guess i should start making wish list for my birthday! hahahah the best thing about february is, i have 2 frens who celebrate their birthday in february oso. hahah people please get ready with the presents and the suprises (but please no eggs and flour hanin! hahaha) basically what i want most for this year is obviously SUNBURST 2009 ticket! you know what i heard, No one Ever Really Dies (NERD) is performing kat SUNBURST 2009! how cool is dat huh..?? Pharrell William rawk man! second on my wish list is dat one particular wallet in topshop which i have been aiming for quite awhile dah but sadly due to unstable financial status, window shopping jee laaa. and last but not least the third item on my wish list is umm.. tatau laa maybe a snare, a camera or maybe as simple as a drumstick. :)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

my grammy awards

last 3 movie that i recently watched

its based on a true event. a mother who lost her son. report a missing child. 5 months later police retreive her son tapi orang lain. when the mother try to say something to the public as the police isnt doing a good job she was send to the L.A asylum. later when she got out from the asylum when the child actually admitted to every one that he's not angelina jolie's son she sued the police department and won. best. tapi cerita ney slow sikit mase awal. 7.2/10

Underworld 3: Rise Of The Lycans
uhh. a movie that is not to be missed. tells you how does the war between the vampires and the lycan actually started. cool movie. if you like gorgeous vampire and hunky werewolf then this is your movie. 8.0/10

Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Its a sad movie. somthing like the notebook with a splash of forest gum. a child was born during the end of WWII. the story starts when they show that the newborn actually born as an old guy which in the he will died as a baby. this story is more about sacrifice, love and compasion. brad pitt did a briliant job in potraying benjamin button. 9.1/10