Monday, March 30, 2009

Tashya's Ink

Tashya's Ink - Yang Ku Mahu
Love the catchy melody.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

one cafe

one cafe is a normal cafe with _____

i. lousy soundsystem
ii. suckie management
iii. smelly couch
iv. bad service
v. dangdut punye gaya
vi. small space
vii. bad location
iix. kotor nak mampus punye toilet ( i seen worst)
ix. deaf soundman
x. (last but not least) cheap food and drinks

conclusion nya, jikalau anda hendak buat gig dan kawan anda suggest untuk buat di one cafe, kawan anda itu layak dipukul, dihenyak dan di-rumble ramai-ramai kerana merasakan one cafe adalah sesuatu tempat yang sesuai untuk buat gig. :)

for the sake of celebrating it or for an awareness?

yesterday, i went to capsquare to see how does malaysian celebrate the turning your lights off for an hour event or also know as earth hour (one of the most "not-so-overated" event). i for one went there actually not to celebrate (as if i would want to celebrate it, i would just sit at home and turn all my lights off) but to see what effect does this whole awareness campaign did to us or malaysian to be specified. sadly i was dissapointed. the campaign itself wasted alot more money and energy than awareness. i overheard banyak gile orang cakap masa dekat event tue...

"what i came all the way just for this?"
sum chick who i like to describe as a stupid blonde

"dude... this is lame... (jojo was doin her tap dance at that time)"
a big black fag

"tutup lampu lah sangat... bla bla bla... boring gile..."
entah sape

i mean do you guys came all the way to join the awareness campaign or sebab everybody is heading there...? come on guys? earth hour is not an event where you can see korn perform live on stage or dj's spinning their tunes but you can actually see people who work very very hard to safe the earth. its all about kesedaran tentang global warming. its about knowing, rather that being ignorance. its about keeping the earth for the future generations. world wildlife foundation really does play a big part in keeping the earth safe for us, for everybody, for our cucu, cicit but why we are making the earth a miserable place to live on day by day? nothing last forever, i knoe, but at least we can prolong the lifetime of the earth. i would not rate myself as an enviromentalist but at least, i do all the little-little small stuff which really does make a big difference if we all put our hands together and do the same thing. as told by joey g this earth hour is an annual event. so next year people when you pergi to the earth second hour, so ask yourself you are goin there for the sake of celebrating it or for an awareness.

p.s = jumpe hamzah ngan shikin kat situ. lama gile tak jumpe dorang... :) and malu giler tersalah tegur orang time gelap-gelap tue... hahahha

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

on the brighter side

on the brighter side, i've just finished MAS medical checkup and tommorow is the bonding briefing. yeeeeehhhhaaaawwwwwww... cant wait... i am thhhiiss close in becomin a cabin crew trainee. btw the medical checkup was quite suprizing u know. i never act went through this DETAIL medical checkup where they:-
a. x-ray
b. eye test
c. hearing test
d. check ye tulang and everything
e. double check ye body mass indexs
f. interview for medical history
g. check ye TESTICALS for any abnormality

hahahh yang G tue paling terkezut when the doctor ordered me to get naked and suruh i batu-batuk. hahha klakar gile... especially when my doctor was a she... hahhaha

i donno...

push as much as you can... i have decided.... maybe... urgggg... i dunno...
i am not datttt good... if you can find someone better.. then just go for it....

"kalo ko rase dier neyh meng-slowkan perjalanan ko, better to ditch him/her since keeping a rotten apple wont do any good to you..."
approximately 4 years ago by achappz

Monday, March 23, 2009

is not giving up

""if you are never good with something, better start looking for a new hobby. otherwise it will turned out a disaster"
- someone close

selepas berfikir dalam tentang perkataan diatas, quite suprizing it is true. after listening over, over and over again to Sara Bareilles - Gravity, i felt like im nothing more than just a gravity to the people around me. i AM that one particular thing that has and always been keeping them down. i was never good at it. why bother trying... this is not giving up, even doctors dont have that 100% success rate, we are not perfect, we are not flawless, definately we are only humans, we are not gods and it is not wrong for someone to actually sedar that when they are never good at it... they will never be. there's always something else to try. yeah im not afraid of trying again and im not calling this giving up. everyone has that one particular thing that they are good with, and on my case, its just not THAT. how they will accept it? well that is another different story that they have to live with it. kan?

"sesungguhnya kamu yang telah menundukkan ku"
- wani ardy - graviti (cover untuk Gravity by Sara Bareilles)

well in my case

"sesungguhnya aku yang telah menundukkan mu"

its hard to turn a new leaf. but you have to start somewhere. obviously you want to get depress later. sooner or later i just have face it. its better that i face it now. kan?

Friday, March 20, 2009

a little something somthing

i was bored okkkaaayyy.... had nothing to do lately.... so i went blog hopping the other day... and saw this blog whith all this polaroid pictures... it was kinda cool anyway... so from there, ideas and ideas came for kugilalensa's banner... so yeah.. in the end dapat neyh... :)

how wonderfull life is...!!


Dear All,
Kindly be informed that you are required to undergo pre-employment exercise
as follows:-
          Date      :     as per attachment
          Time       :     as per attachment
          Venue     :     MAS Medical Centre
                         Ground Floor Admin Building 3
                         MAS Complex B
                         Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Aiport
You are required to wear the office attire (T-shirt, Jeans, Sneakers Shoe not allowed)
Please confirm your attendance and please do not hesitate to call me if you
have any queries at 03-7x4x4x8x (Puan xxx)/03-7x4x4x8x (Puan xxxxx).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

semakin hampir.... semakin...

OHMAAIII GGOODD! semakin hampir.. yes... the day i long waited for....

Dear All,
From      :   Human Resources (Recruitment & Selections)
Date      :   18 Mar 2009
This is to inform that you are invited to attend bonding briefing
as below details :-
Date       :       26 Mar 2009
Time      :       0830 am
Document required (to bring) : Stationery Set
Dress code : formal/office attire (no t-shirt and jeans)
Please confirm your attendance and please do not hesitate to call us,if
you have any queries you can contact Puan xxx at 03-7x4x4x8x or Puan xxxxx at 03-7x4x4x8x.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


at last, i have some pictures to post in my blog. hahahahha at last.
anyway nie photoshoot band kugilalensa courtesy of Ain, Mamu, Ijam and Nurul. :)
gambar cantik dorang tangkap. tapi kalo ade fish eye lens, lagi besh kot. hmmm. neway well thanxs korang.