Monday, July 27, 2009


yesterday i had a nightstop flight to sibu with a superb set of crew (its been awhile since i get a great set of crew) and plus one of the crew was my batchmates; the safety alarm boy. since there's nothing to do there in sibu me, alarm boy and the leading endup lepaking at the pool had a ciggy, chat and swim. after a long conversation with the alarm boy, one thing that i realise about him is... that i was just like him when i was in high school. i was very much like him. yesssss... i was 70% quite similar to him. the way his explain his life and stuff reminds me of being a penjual cd cetak rompak di sekolah, getting into mess (which i can avoid but i choose not to) and stuff like that. i still remember clearly one of my nickname during sekolah menengah dulu. yeah one of it was "loser". yup L-O-S-E-R (courtesy of kimin). hahahhai forgot when or why i was given that name but for a short period of my life, but the funny part is... i was totally ok with it. hahahha loser kan?

anyway the nightstop in sibu was great i had a dinner buffet in kingswood hotel which cost me oni for about rm20 and the food was superb! i had seafoods, some roasted beef and chicken a few other menus. and owh yeah, i also endup lost in sibu. hahah had to pusing here and there to cari the hotel back! funny.

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