Friday, May 15, 2009



its the weekend again.
a two days of relaxing before a stressful week, again.
ahhh, luckily monday will be fun since its the wine, cocktail, mocktails and etc making and tasting session. its been while tho since i consume any alchohol beverages. hihihihi best nye.
but then again hari rabu ade 2 test kot. shit! pagi ade test on fundamental of hospitality and petang ade test semua yang dah beajar setakat neyh *sorta macam peperiksaan penggal pertama la :(*

fark. its a stressful week all over again. dah la dengan menari-manri tue lagi. eventho the committee are happy with what we have so far, but still, penat la.i hate goin back home with sore feet and penat tahap dewa. i wont get to do anything else except facebook-ing. urghh. this is nobody's fault actually. the committee pun ade dateline for everything, and kiteorang kene sway by their way jee. :(
in the mean time mari layan do re mi.


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