Friday, July 10, 2009


graduation is the time to celebrate the ending of one chapter and the beginning of something new! last thursday i've just graduate the "company" academy and here i am feeling proud bearing the name of a flight steward. hooray to me! the whole process in moulding us into this 5 star cabin crew is really not an easy task for them and for us. compressing all the sylabus into a 65 days course is really... ummm exhausting and mind challenging. we have to cope with study, test, practical assestment, dance rehearsal and lepakking all in one time. "not getting enough of sleep" is like a routine already for us in this 65 days. i would definately miss all this mind torturing session since when ur up there, there are no room for mistakes! the passenger wont know that ur new, nobody knows that u r new, therefore i must really struggle this few month of flying. well neway back to the graduation, there isnt to tell, this is a just like any ordinary graduation minus the cardboard hat and the robe.

ahhh here's alif, cam whoring even on the stage! hahha

there was few other performance from the other batch, nope im not gonna highlight that. this is our first performance, grease lightning!

yeah posing in front of everyone!

after that was the kurik kundi a.k.a citra warna-ish performance a.k.a traditional dance. i knoe i look funny with the head gear but trust me, the whole routine was superb! especially the ending!

well im definately gonna miss the whole dance practice. nomore "ada ae, ada o", the cbt room, room 132, syed in kelana jaya, taking the ktm home, listening to everybody's introduction over and over again, all the kinky jokes from mr. fabs, lala land, ikan emas, amber sh*t, chewbacca, jarjar, harimau, the prankster, "iyaaaaaa", g.i jane, mr. ex swimming instructor, the fire alarm boy and everyone else.

"As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together"
vitamin c - graduation

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