Tuesday, July 13, 2010

*wink* *wink*

due to the recession, cost cutting and etc, my roster has been C-R-A-Z-Y lately. working for almost 12 hours everyday and having only 1-2 days of between few days of working straight. urgh. i really dont know what are they trying to prove here? being the jack of all trade isnt enough for them i guess they want us to be like robots kot. to live and die for work. eventho i hate all this "24/7 working" stuff, there's a part of me liking all this shit since im too occupied with work till i have no problems to worry about all those small and little problems of mine. :) stupid, i know. hahaha

just came back from maldives/colombo, sri lanka the other day. i guess because of all the jetlag, night flight and world cup match, ive become a nocturnal sekejap. its funny when im all awake at night but all sleepy around 8am like that. hahahha i would spend all night long watching "i dont know what" till morning and sleep. it took me awhile to regulate my sleeping pattern again. funny.

on the otherside
hencem gave me his "premonition" that i'll end my single life in about 3 months. hahahah cant wait eyy. bestie has moved to Arena Green Apart. along with hencem. :(
went there to have coffee with em. it was all nice and cozy because of the balcony! jealous!!!! :P

btw dah lama x balik shah harlem. rindu porn! hahahah