Sunday, April 18, 2010


"trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in that mother fuckers reflection..."

yup very true gaga.

i really think there is such thing as second chance (eventho she cheated on me 3 kali k), but i cant. everytime i look at her there's this insecurity feeling, there's this voice telling me "she's using you oniiiiii". someone said i kuat memilih, but the fact is i just not into anyone except her. how can that be? how should i know? so the only way for me to not think about her is work. work like mad. mutual on every chance i get. yeah it cuts both i knoe. the more tired i get, the more depressed i get. tell me about it. smoking alone is no fun anymore since ill be depressed enuf to be not in the mood for anything even kerja. how can one get over someone? tell me...

"im feeling all superhuman you did this to me, a superhuman heart beats in me, nothing can stop me..."

owh well im not superhuman anymore chris...

writers block kah?

its funny whenever im at my second home (where my desktop and internet connection is absence) i get tons of stuff to write about but when im here at home ill be speechless in front of my desktop. take this for instance, ive been depressed (as always) about life, karma and love especially lately and i tend to have deep and dark stuff to write about, but the minute i got home i'll be like "what was i depressed about??". maybe its the "home sweet home" aura, that gave me that feeling of comfort and security.

my job hasnt been so much of travelling since im packed with daily flights this month. i only have 3 nightstops; miri, taipei and kaoshiung. even worst my next month roster is packed with class and offdays ONLY. yup no flights at all (minus my airbus SNY). shit! i cant even tapau aircraft food since i dont have any flight at all. owh well look on the bright side, i can finally mutual for dubai, osaka and sydney flights.

life has been quite interesting tho, finally i can say that ive survived medium haul driving. wee i've leveled up! drove all the way to melaka the other day. went there with wanie, hairul and finaster. ate in jonker, tries the ikan bakar and went up in the taming sari tower a.k.a melaka solero shock! hahha