Sunday, January 24, 2010

"I know I could always be good..."

nothing much to write actually. im at home just came back from jakarta and straight terus drive to shah alam. its nice when you have that great song in your car to listen to while driving. aaa... life. hahha neway had a great time with my set crew in jakarta. even tho had to share room well we went everywhere and tried most of the food that we can get our hands on. it was like munch here, munch there, munch, munch and munch everywhere. (i wonder why everytime buat trip to anywhere the first agenda mesti always makan, makan and makan oni) went to X2 oso. imagine a club where there's like 5 section to go to, from R&B to house music. jeez why dont they have one here. besar gile kay tempat tue. had lotsof bakso the other day and not forgetting the ayam penyet. hihihi *giggles*

Monday, January 11, 2010

two o one o

hello 2010. nothing much to say. nothing much on my mind also. am alone in the house. c in the room with s. y is sleeping. just came back from denpasar daily flight. w is at shah alam. h is at kota bharu. a is doing 3 days trip. l is at home doin nothing. s is at pj. just got off the phone with sa. chill with ca just now. flew with k tadi. pissed with j. am thinking of her. tomorrow off. the day after stand by 0600 till 1400. this is currently whats happening right now. what awaits me tomorrow, the day after and so on, i absolutely have noooo idea. just hope that 2010 is going to be fantastic and fabulous. im off.