Saturday, October 3, 2009

i just simply hate losing!

i think this 6 days trip is the trip that i'll remember forever. why you ask? the fact that:-
a. the set crew is fabulous, superb, supporting and kaki makan
b. get to hang with crissy, adi, shah, hidayah, atira, and some other people and have fun eventhou we just met a few days back
c. main monopoly sampai pepagi buta
d. get to eat like hell

my first 6 days trip is sangat superb! my leading supportive gile... siap join main monopoly... hahaha dia menang btw... went "over my limit" mase dekat shanny's... ayam penyet, ikan bakar, mee kolok, goreng pisang for dinner, chicken wings, pizza, chicken chop, cheese cake, mcdonalds and banyak lagi... hahahahhaha

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