Wednesday, March 25, 2009

on the brighter side

on the brighter side, i've just finished MAS medical checkup and tommorow is the bonding briefing. yeeeeehhhhaaaawwwwwww... cant wait... i am thhhiiss close in becomin a cabin crew trainee. btw the medical checkup was quite suprizing u know. i never act went through this DETAIL medical checkup where they:-
a. x-ray
b. eye test
c. hearing test
d. check ye tulang and everything
e. double check ye body mass indexs
f. interview for medical history
g. check ye TESTICALS for any abnormality

hahahh yang G tue paling terkezut when the doctor ordered me to get naked and suruh i batu-batuk. hahha klakar gile... especially when my doctor was a she... hahhaha

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