Sunday, March 29, 2009

for the sake of celebrating it or for an awareness?

yesterday, i went to capsquare to see how does malaysian celebrate the turning your lights off for an hour event or also know as earth hour (one of the most "not-so-overated" event). i for one went there actually not to celebrate (as if i would want to celebrate it, i would just sit at home and turn all my lights off) but to see what effect does this whole awareness campaign did to us or malaysian to be specified. sadly i was dissapointed. the campaign itself wasted alot more money and energy than awareness. i overheard banyak gile orang cakap masa dekat event tue...

"what i came all the way just for this?"
sum chick who i like to describe as a stupid blonde

"dude... this is lame... (jojo was doin her tap dance at that time)"
a big black fag

"tutup lampu lah sangat... bla bla bla... boring gile..."
entah sape

i mean do you guys came all the way to join the awareness campaign or sebab everybody is heading there...? come on guys? earth hour is not an event where you can see korn perform live on stage or dj's spinning their tunes but you can actually see people who work very very hard to safe the earth. its all about kesedaran tentang global warming. its about knowing, rather that being ignorance. its about keeping the earth for the future generations. world wildlife foundation really does play a big part in keeping the earth safe for us, for everybody, for our cucu, cicit but why we are making the earth a miserable place to live on day by day? nothing last forever, i knoe, but at least we can prolong the lifetime of the earth. i would not rate myself as an enviromentalist but at least, i do all the little-little small stuff which really does make a big difference if we all put our hands together and do the same thing. as told by joey g this earth hour is an annual event. so next year people when you pergi to the earth second hour, so ask yourself you are goin there for the sake of celebrating it or for an awareness.

p.s = jumpe hamzah ngan shikin kat situ. lama gile tak jumpe dorang... :) and malu giler tersalah tegur orang time gelap-gelap tue... hahahha


  1. hi baby steward wahahahhahahahah aku lagi jahat k??? mamat kutip sampah tu tanye kite nak tak join to really help the environment, terang² ade sampah kat situ, aku blh cakap "no, sorry I'VE NOTHING" bullsheeeeet aku ni....

  2. hello nama aku SHIKIN ye. sekianterimakasih.
    was nice meeting u too *fake smile*

    gile ke?

  3. That's why we need to continue Earth Hour to make more people aware of it...have to start somewhere :-)

  4. shikin - hahahha bunyi dier same jeee... hahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahha (coverline cermat)

    Gallivanter - yeah true true... it has to start somewhere...