Sunday, February 8, 2009


ohhhhh mmmaaaaiii gggoooodddd....!!!

sarah brightman is stoping by in malaysia for her symphony tour. ouh shit! checked ticket axcess already, the ticket price ranging from rm253 to RM1203. madefake mahal siot! i am sooooo not goin to sunburst and obviously im gonna stop spending, and save. dapat seat paling cikai pun ok la. as long as i dont get to miss this second opportunity. fuck man. really gotta see her. aaaaa...!!! im soooo gonna dream about her and her lovely voice. lantak laa, pop-ish soprano pun lantak laa. as long as her songs gave me that serene feeling. the first time i listen to her songs when i was like 14 kot. and she gave me that goosebump. uhh just like kak fynn's poetry.

DUDEEEE... forgot my birthday is coming this 16th, so everyone, kumpulkan lah duit anda dan donate kepada saye yea. pleaseeeeeeee. bukan selalu mintak hadiah. hahahhaha 

p.s = kan betoi firasat saye mengatakan NERD main kat sunburst. tapi lantak lah, sarah brightman lagi rawk dari pharrell williams!


  1. Booooooooo..
    u're such an ass hole..
    how come u compare kan Sarah Batman or whatever dgn Pharrell Williams.. boooooooo... where ur GAY soul la dude? Come on, wake up from ur nitemare and u need to workout.. *ape aku merepek.. :)
    Anyway.. Ur birthday around the corner.. yeaaa..

  2. 16 february... coming.. senin neyh... cepat beli VIP tix untuk aku!! hahahha