Friday, February 13, 2009

the beginning of something new

woke up around 9, 10 camtue. there was like 4 new messages and sume tanye wether i got the job or not. it was pretty suckie to start the day with since i x dapat any phone calls pun lagi. and suddently a fren of mine called and he said he got it. i asked how did he know? did the pegawai from MAS call you or something? and he said no man, i was the one who called them. so immediately i hang up and called MAS HR dept. and guess what? i still cant stop smiling. bud sadly from my group (me, sue ling, lisa, bryan and alwin) alwin didnt make it. tot we could be the happy and bubbly batch. hahahha i wish. so yeah, most probably i'll:-

a. start my trainning around march KOTTTTTTT
b. bonding for 2 years
c. contract for 3 years
d. finish everything by march 2014

omg this is my beginning of something new... something big perhaps... its now or never baby! at last, i can get out from my comfort zone and start something new. explore new things. new working enviroment and experience. tapi feel kinda hard to leave RANtAi, the whole rock the art tour crew and kugilalensa especially. this is by far the most exciting episode in my life so far. if im still with my ex, this would be the second best lah. hahah

p.s = you can scratch my first wish list.. since i already got the job yo! hahahha

*still smiling*


  1. wah.. congratulation la dok..
    best2.. :))
    boleh tgok new video pramugara.. yeay

  2. pramugara terlampau...

    season 2....

    dvd box set...

    15 episode sume nyee...