Sunday, October 4, 2009

retimed &delayed!

i was suppose to depart from kuching at 1545 hours yesterday. but that flight has been retimed due to the super duper bad weather to 17(somthing) hours. then after we departed from kuching we safely landed in sibu. everything was goin ok, but then lagi sekali due to the bad weather he had a very bad landing, so the aircraft needed to be checked for any defect in case anything fell off mase hard landing tue so we had to stay on ground a.k.a delayed for about an hour. so after that we flew to miri and back to kuching. we're suppose to be back at 2100 hours tapi last2 sampai kuching balik around 0100 hours. bile flight neyh dah kene retimed and delayed camneyh, today my flight was suppose to depart from kuching at 1100 hours last2 kene depart around 17(somthing) hours. and sampai klia pukul 2200 hours. urgh...

i hate bad weather.

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