Sunday, July 19, 2009

bad week

minggu ini tersangat tidak seronok. wanie and all my batchmates (I MISS YOU GUYS!) is not around for me to spill everything out... :(

"Oh it won't rain all the time.
The sky won't fall forever.
And though the night seems long..."
Jane Siberry - It Cant Rain All the Time

"perhaps lady luck pergi bercuti week dia on duty semula... u tau kan, whenever ppl (or spirits perhaps) go for hols they bring back gifts kan? LL mcm tu la mintak2 nyer..."

Hopefully lah...

On the otherside
i've just came back from 2 nightstop in a row. miri and sibu. miri seriously boring. there's nothing around the hotel (Parkcity Everly Hotel). sibu pulak is quite happening but its too dangerous to go out since there's too many HK triad lepaking here and there. we are adviced to not go to clubs and mabuk2 since there are few cases oredi... darn... neway here's some pics from the hotel room. and owh yea.. i kene kacau with this "i dont know what" in sibu kat dalam hotel... menakutkan dan spookeyyyhh!

Miri. the hotel is right beside to a verrryyyy beautiful beach! malam star gazing wif ye love ones mesti seronok!

sibu. yang macam kaler kuning tue bukan teh ais tapi tue sungai rajang.

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