Sunday, June 28, 2009

im alive

one thing that i really hate about life is changes. yeah changes, as in a passing from one phase to another. tomorrow is the last day of our training (SNY tidak termasuk), we'll be having a our finale test on morning and wet run (to those who isn't fimiliar with the terms, this is what we call practical for service procedure in the mockup aircraft with real food), a few hours of class, dance rehearsal and SNY briefing. when i just about to get along, just about to have my very extra super wonderfull comfort zone... all of the sudden our trainning life is over, so there wont be any more CBT, Lala Land (refers to the smoking area), instructor, CCTS and FS&HF or in other word there wont be any MAA up till our refresher course or tetibe kene panggil balik. i know i kept repeating the same thing, but there wont be anymore KTM session! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! omg i tell you how much the KTM session means for me! (is not the whole waitting for the train session yea... itu sikit pun tidak ku rindu). tetapi sesi saya dan wanie bercerita. yup... we talked about life! we talked about stuff... we talked about work/training and last but not least we talked about how frustrated we are with the KTM services. muahahha

since im moving in with them(merujuk kepada mereka-mereka yang tinggal di tingkat 15 iaitu jarjar, chewbaca, crissy dan munchkin) around late august, so there wont be any bitching session for me siot... GREAT! :(
its not that i dont want things to change, its just that i would love if i could enjoy this moment a bit longer, lepas tue nak abis, abis la. jeez... tapi after two month will thing still be like how it used to be?

moving on...
DONT EAT AT J.CO DONUT!!!!! THEY SUCK! I BOUGHT A DONUT WHICH CONTAIN INSECTS! *saya tiada gambar untuk membuktikan ini tetapi ITS TRUE! vote for big apple!

and owh yea i think im thinking of someone siot! and its definately not Diana. i have a sort of happy feeling but not sure what it's called :)

"i hope my smile can distract you"
the perisher - pills

"January, February, March, April, May I'm alive
June, July, August, September,October I'm alive
November, December, you all through the winter, I'm alive
I'm alive"
stars - calender girl


  1. which one??

    mesti lagu perisher kan?

    ade satu lagi yang sway tue pun best kan??