Monday, March 23, 2009

is not giving up

""if you are never good with something, better start looking for a new hobby. otherwise it will turned out a disaster"
- someone close

selepas berfikir dalam tentang perkataan diatas, quite suprizing it is true. after listening over, over and over again to Sara Bareilles - Gravity, i felt like im nothing more than just a gravity to the people around me. i AM that one particular thing that has and always been keeping them down. i was never good at it. why bother trying... this is not giving up, even doctors dont have that 100% success rate, we are not perfect, we are not flawless, definately we are only humans, we are not gods and it is not wrong for someone to actually sedar that when they are never good at it... they will never be. there's always something else to try. yeah im not afraid of trying again and im not calling this giving up. everyone has that one particular thing that they are good with, and on my case, its just not THAT. how they will accept it? well that is another different story that they have to live with it. kan?

"sesungguhnya kamu yang telah menundukkan ku"
- wani ardy - graviti (cover untuk Gravity by Sara Bareilles)

well in my case

"sesungguhnya aku yang telah menundukkan mu"

its hard to turn a new leaf. but you have to start somewhere. obviously you want to get depress later. sooner or later i just have face it. its better that i face it now. kan?

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