Wednesday, May 27, 2009

can things get any better?

minggu ini sangat sux. saya sangat moody, craving for new emo-screamo songs.

dah la dengan tiada mood, class everyday dekat CBT (computer based trainning), tambah lagi dengan my classmate yang failed fundamental on hospitality subject which she had to leave our class dan join batch junior, im sad that she had to leave us and at the same time i am scared yang maybe im next kooot. nak study sungguh tiada mood. first aid test is on next monday. fock x ready lagi siot.


so far i've completed
- grooming
- impact
- communication
- aviation
- fundamental on hospitality
- cabin familirization B737-400 *giggles*
- first aid (on goin)

there's still 17 days to my in flight observation (IOE) and 25 day to my SNY flights (practical)

ish... fock... takut gile...
if its meant to be, then it is meant to be la...

Monday, May 25, 2009

saya bangge

saya bangge dengan dorang.
walaupun cam masuk 8tv quikie je.
but to me it is so far kugilalensa's biggest achievement!
congratz you guys!
sorry again for not being there.
ade test keesokkan harinya.
go guys!

p.s - terharu bile adi cakap "drummer yang start band neyh..." kita la beb... kite semua yang start! hahahah

*kugilalensa di 8tv

Sunday, May 24, 2009

something during the weekend

ahhh its sunday evening again you guys. well you know what that means. our lovely weekend is almost over. im glad to say that my weekend was filled with activities yang seronok. :)
went shopping a bit, lepaking, jamming, paintball-ing and g potong rambut kat kimerie ss2. eventho i had to choose between jamming dengan my friends atau pegi clubbing ngan MAS mates, x menyesal poooooon korang! hahhaha next time ade lagi. ala cherating trip is still on kan? hhehehe

moving on to paintball
hahahah i kene direct shot dekat tangan kat peha. OMG i tell you the pain is... SANGAT SAKIT i tell you! siap berdenyut-denyut lagi. lebam dier tak tgk. waduh waduh. tapi the adrenaline rush dier tersangat lah stim. walaupun sakit.... tapi still besh gile babi. nnti nak ajak all my classmate g paintball-ing. hahhaha rasa macam saving private ryan bile jerit *"im pinned down!" "cover me!"*

next week
wah tomorrow i ade cabin familiarization for boeing 737-400. dorang kate piece of cake... tatau la lagi, nak study malam kang jap lagi. selasa dan 17 hari yang seterusnya ada subject paling susah dalam trainning neyh; safety emergency procedure boeing 737-400. tapi yang paling besh jumaat ney... TRIP TO CHERATING!!! weeehu! tak sabar!

p,.s - i baru sehat dari demam! my germ dah berpindah ke wanie :P

sambil tue sila layan ini.

Monday, May 18, 2009


"Pressure pushing down on me"
Queen - Under Pressure


U may sense it but u may not sees it. 

Im actually preparing for my team presantation tomorrow *LAH sangat sempat tulis post ney lagi!* which is about wine production and stuff but i still nak study for my examanation this coming wednesday *which ade 2 test!!! the first one cover the whole chapter in fundamental of hospitality (e.g from handling customer to cocktail making) and the second one cover from day 1 till now!*


The Beatles - Help

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009



its the weekend again.
a two days of relaxing before a stressful week, again.
ahhh, luckily monday will be fun since its the wine, cocktail, mocktails and etc making and tasting session. its been while tho since i consume any alchohol beverages. hihihihi best nye.
but then again hari rabu ade 2 test kot. shit! pagi ade test on fundamental of hospitality and petang ade test semua yang dah beajar setakat neyh *sorta macam peperiksaan penggal pertama la :(*

fark. its a stressful week all over again. dah la dengan menari-manri tue lagi. eventho the committee are happy with what we have so far, but still, penat la.i hate goin back home with sore feet and penat tahap dewa. i wont get to do anything else except facebook-ing. urghh. this is nobody's fault actually. the committee pun ade dateline for everything, and kiteorang kene sway by their way jee. :(
in the mean time mari layan do re mi.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


so finally the director decided to matikan character izzy isobel stevens. tapi sedih kot cara dia mati. some brain cancer, the part which makes it even sadder is when she got married to alex krev eventhou dah tinggal last-last minute nak hidup dah :(
*sila rujuk grey's anatomy season 5, episode 22*

well neway, today seems a bit slow i guess. sat in the computer based trainning room all day. had a dance rehearsal. i think now kiteorang dah dapat around 60% dah kot *hooray to us*. touch up sini sana je lagi. 

as i expected, making this happen is the hardest part in the trainning. even safety, aviation, first aid and fundamental of hospitality is not as hard as this teamwork stuff. jeez. 

"So I need some fine wine, and you, you need to be nicer
For the good times and the bad times
That we'll have"
The Cardigans - I need some fine wine, and you, you need to be nicer

Monday, May 11, 2009

And they call this tragedy

lately im addicted to alesana and the cardigans maka kebanyakkan tajuk entry diambil dari lagu mereka-mereka. hahahah bulan ini saya sangat emotional. :P

well anyway
i think this week saya tentu akan collapse punye kenapa?
a. dah rasa macam nak demam
b. aviaton class start besok selama 2 hari dimana;
i. byk 3 letter codes kene hafal e.g MFM = Macau *takde similarities lansung*
ii. theory of flight lagi *dah la dulu fizik teruk gile*
iii. GMT *saya mmg suka matematik, tapi menghafal saya sangat teruk*
iv. meteorology
v. flight pattern
c. lepas kene hafal ney ade test lak tue hari khamis
d. followed by fundamental of hospitality on friday
e. pastu selasa next week ade test lagi

OWH MI GAWD! This is usually the part where people scream *title lagu alesana :P*

on the bright side
kugilalensa kene invite ngan Quickie 8tv to perform this coming sunday tetapi selepas negotiate, mereka-mereka di 8tv sanggup postponed slot kiteorang till ahad the following week. obviously kugilalensa akan main acoustic. sidi ajak join sekali main shaker tapi the thing is kalo saya agree 
i. saya kene pertimbangkan agreement saya ngan my company which ade phrase yang mengatakan saya tidak boleh di-intervier atau appear di tv atau media massa dimana saya membuat persembahan atau memberi komen. kalo kantoi kene bayar that 20K siot. siap kene misconduct. 
ii. plus im oredi macam out from the band. nnti apa dorang kate lak? dah la hari ahad, gila ka... nnti kelas FOH terhangguk-hangguk nak tidur.

tapi setakat ini, rase nye tak join kot. setakat ikut pergi sana sudah la.

And I'll be keeping it cool tonight 
*The Cardigans - For What Its Worth*

congratz to kugilalensa for a superb performance the other day. sorry couldn't be there!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

48 days to go

"no one ever said that life was fair and I'm not saying that it should be
so knowing that you are where you want to be and I'm not comes as no surprise
but don't expect me to be happy for you
and don't smile at me and tell me things will work out for me too
I don't want your pity... I dont need your pity"
- alesana

last week has been quite hectic. so far i have just finished my induction & dicipline, Company rules & regulation, grooming & deportment, I.M.P.A.C.T, my first exam which i scored 86% *ade score 100% kot cibai tol*, communication skills & voice enrichment, did my crew ID and airport pass, learn how to use "THE" company email and internet crew management system (iCMS) and last but not least our graduation performance is 45% complete cume tinggal the second song and our intro. phew! this pass 17 days of trainning has been killing me; the dance practice after class, studying for examination, announcement stuff *well hey i got RATED for the announcement thinggy which means i can make announcement once i start flying :)*, waking up early eventho tak cukup tito and stuff happen between me and my friends. there is still 48 days of misery, suprises, happiness, hectic-ness, struggling etc to go. hopefully i'll survive till the end. next week i'll be having my security awareness, introduction to aviation, second exam *lets cross our finger guys that we'll do good on this one*, fundamental on hospitality *yeay mari kita belajar bagaimana nak buat bloody mary, presidente, virgin mary etc* and exam part 2 final. basically for this pass 17 days i've been berpegang teguh kepada quote ini "if it's meant to be then it's meant to be". kalo dah usaha punya usaha, tapi tak dapat jugak, kena berserah sahaja la but still i wont lose without a fight aitgh *pantang berundur sebelum kalah* cheewah

moving on
weekend sangat mencemburui aku, pejam celik dah hari ahad. damn! i really miss my days which i always wake up around 3 o'clock and spend the whole day by doing nothing. well kena lah bersusah dahulu sebelum dapat sesuatu yang indah bukan? 
hari ney mother's day, and we *me and my brothers* gave my mum a clinique skin care set. really felt something when we get together and bought a present for her. i think, dier mungkin terharu bukan pasal hadiah tapi kiteorang bertiga get together and bought something for her. :)
and now i was thinking apa nak bagi my "so-called-daddy" for father's day. my mum always says that "blood is thicker than water, no matter what happen in the end he is still your father". do i care? ahahhahaha tgk lah macam mana nanti.

a. sorry kugilalensa and especially hanin & adi, i couldnt make it for your gig! was busy last minute shopping for mother's day.
b. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CRYSTAL *rujuk pada gambar dibawah*
c. wanie the gold fish, hahhaa sorry kenot buat ending moves gempak-gempak
d. basically due to my company policy, i cant say which company am i trainning for, so i replace the company's name with "THE". *sila rujuk post sebelum ini* hahahha
d. happy mother's day to all the single mother out there that has been struggling and surviving! be strong!

     *happy birthday crystal!*

*our "field trip" hahaha*

Friday, May 1, 2009


sedang boring berpusing-pusing didalam facebook. suddently i have this weird feeling to checkout kugilalensa's public profile in facebook. i was so shocked to found this...

rasa bangga yang teramat. i felt proud for kugilalensa. kak fynn kot. never thought she would even listen to kugilalensa's songs. thanxs for the lovely comment!

love me love me

hot gile kot nina persson masa ni.

The Sun, Wednesday, April 29, 2009

cube telitikan digambar dibahagian bawah. hahahah eventho 15% of my face is covered, masih bangga kot! hahah