Monday, November 21, 2011

ill hold on for as long as it gonna takes

Thank you, you showed me that there's actually "that someone" for me out there after all. Maybe i dont get my chance with her but at least u showed me something. Its always how one interpret the situation to really understand the purpose and the meaning of everything. I appreciate for what ur giving me right now, and yes i will keep holding on, for as long as it gonna takes.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

life's like that

you know how people always says that god works in a very weird way, if you ask for something He wont grant u exactly how u wants it, He make sure that u have to work a lil bit for it. u ask for a companion, he dont straight away gives u hundreds of woman, he gives u a few choices, he tells you to choose wisely and make ur move intelligently. He knows that if he gives away everything for free, we wont appreciate it. (plus what kinda life would that be?)

"easy come, easy go..."

but what if, you've been craving for love since the past 4 years and suddently u met someone. someone who have a looot in common with you (i know having stuff in common doesnt make her your soulmate, but from those common things we have, we get along jusssst fine), fun, gorjes and so on. BUT (there's always a but in this kind of fairy tale, she's just too good to be true) one way or another she'll be leaving you in 3 months time. She's there, but only for 3 months. Yes at first things kicked off pretty slow but what started off with 'just friends' soon later on became 'im attracted to her' and from attraction it became 'i kinda like her' (what can i say? being greedy is my nature. i never had enough of anything). but knowing that she'll leave in 3 months time, i decided to spent all that time with her just as a friend. im not that stupid to ruin everything we have just because of my hunger for a companion. i could manage to live this past years, why couldnt i just hang on longer? yeah life aint like those happily ever after movie, love aint like those chick flick u see on movies, life doesnt go where u want, everything doesnt based on the decision you make, life doesnt revolve around you and only you. what ever i said or do, she'll eventually leave, so what good does it make? plus i have a 50/50 chance that wether she feels the same or not. i was happy, i am happy and i will be happy... one way or another.

being single doesnt make you any less better. being single doesnt make you miserable. its all about how you take all the pieces together, and make the best out of it. no point of sitting in the corner and cry day by day of what things has become. yeah life is sad, life (and adulthood) isnt so much of what we expected. suck it up, nobody said that life is going to be easy.
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mataikan dua.kosong #3 #4 #5 #6

paris, first class international

tarikh keramat = 12 nov 2011
emirates & singapore airlines cabin crew interview

where was i? working, doing KUL/LGK/KUL/PEN/KUL. tho it wasnt full on all 4 sectors, that isnt the question. the question is why did i go for that flight instead of attending the interview (the one that i has been talking for god knows how long).

the fact that it appears on the the jobs website that they only looking for mandarin or cantonese speaking crew doesnt stop me from applying. i did state in my resume (think it was a mistake but then again, not being able to speak any of the mentioned language above has disqualified me from even being on THE list) that i cant speak, write or read mandarin or cantonese. so yeah, i didnt get called for any interview or such.

singapore airlines
i was 50/50 on this, they (crews, word of mouth and from travel blogs) said that being a foreign crew in singapore airlines might have lotsof perks especially on the currency exchange. but tatau kenapa in the end i decided not to go. maybe next time when im totally ready.