Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"on my feet i wear two shoes for dancing, dancing to be free..."

a friend asked me "dude why did u decide to stay single all this while? i mean malaysian girls are not good enuf fo you ke?" for the first time i came up with an answer which i felt really really really masuk akal. i sed relationship is messy, time consuming and expensive. i cant even buy what i wanted all this while so why do i think i can afford a relationship? plus those around me yang not single pun caught up in a messy situation which made me less confidence in having a steady relationship. plus i think im happier this way; i have a bestie which i can talk to about everything, friends that i can count on and silver which i can hug whenever im lonely.

just finished my airbus class. yup finally. i would say being in a wide body aircraft made me fening-fening sikit. for some reason. maybe its too big for me kot. tak boleh handle. :P *sound sooo wrong in so many ways hahah* walaupun i dapat pening-pening on my SNYs, that doesnt mean i didnt enjoyed my SNYs. to tell you the truth, all those rumors saying bout WB crew are sombong and stuff is totally tipu-tipuan belaka. i enjoyed talking and working with them. nothing much diff than NB crew. semua sama je.

moving on
my car punya milelage is almost to 10K. weeeee. *lameee*

nothing much to write about tho. my life hasnt been anymore interesting lately. owh yeah my bestie is going to move to somewhere to be comfirm later. m gonna miss her dearly! shoot shall write agin when i have the idea what to write about... sigh...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

a330 conversion class

1 - kul/lgk/kul/btu/kul
2 - off
3 - 28 a330 conversion class
29 - off
30 - kul/sbw
31 - sbw/kul

owhmefuckingawd! i guess ill be eating sand and drinking air next month. haih eventho im looking forward for this a330 conversion class but can they at least give me a trip ke, tpe one day off ke or anything such. rostering peeps are mean people. sigh. owh well m currently doing my service procedure a.k.a new service delivery (nsd) class. yeah its very much different from 737-400 gccl service since there more people to serve, more personalized service and semakin leceh. the only thing that im wondering, do they really practice as how written in the book or follow each and every guidelines given by CCTS (cabin crew training & standards). its really weird dulu when i was in class i tot i got everything at my fingertips tapi bile go on board things are very much different than what we used to learn in class.

for this a330 conver. class m doin with half of batch 09/09, letticia, hidayah and few others from batch 08/09 and 10/09. yup its good to do this class with new people and stuff but i really miss my 09/09 smoking buddies and especially my bestie! WANIE WHERE ART THOU! CEPAT SIKIT DATANG BUAT RECURRENT! there used to be like all 6 of us would go to the lala land (behind MAA guest house) to smoke and bitch bout everyone. hahahha not to mention the syed session after class where we would study together. i really love that part of me life. eventho masa training i wish that time would speed up tapi bile dah habis, i nak time to rewind itself pulak. haih. anyhow my new found smoking buddies pun not bad jugak lah. hahahhaha