Friday, September 11, 2009


mari kita berkara-ok

uhh i havent been writing anything for awhile dah ney. i guess everyone has that point where they are too tired to say or explain anything. ive been ok i guess. there's just too much been happening in my life lately sampai words cant describe perkara-perkara tersebut. well neway im looking foward to my new car... my one and only sayang goin to be. at last i wont be single nemore. i'll be happily married to a piece of metal! dimana namanya akan terdiri dari tiga abjad. muahahahha.

moving on...
i felt really bad for this one guy where he wanted to be close to everyone in his circle, tpi the people in his circle doesnt even want to be assosiated with him. kesian kan. well what to do kan?

im really looking forward to november man! penang bridge marathon beybeh! cant wait to get tired. hahahhhaha

"Alif Iskandar have something to say but remained speechless"

owh yes... i wanna say it... but i simply cant... darn...