Thursday, November 19, 2009

knock me down will ya?

like every other year everybody must have their new year's resolution, a checklist, a "what need to be achieve" list or perhaps... hope... just to have that small tiny bit of hope to have or achieve something, but nevertheless do we really fight for we hope for? do we? or we list down all those "hope" just for the sake of doing it. i dunno, i have a few thing i was suppose to do this year such as "get a girlfriend ASAP" and so far... i failed to do anything about it. *giggles* and now its already november and i think i only achieve few oni from my "what need to be achieve" list. gawwd...

"this is bad real bad Michael Jackson..."

moving on
life hasnt be good or yet cruel to me. nothing much is happening. stuck with this "eat-work-sleep" routine. owh yeah lately ive been a "flight" junkie. asking for mutual and stuff. and it does feels good when end of the month you looking those big numbers in ye bank account. it does feels good to have all those "ka-ching"... it does feels good to know that u actually making something... tapi sikit pun tak best when all those "ka-ching" went to all your so called commitments. ptptn laa... itu la.. ini la.. haiya... hahah like what my friends sed, "dudee... we're already 22.. like it or not.. we have to grow up. life seems to move faster than us. we just have to keep up with it..."

on the other hand
had a superb time with my bestie yesterday. went on a "day out" berserk with her. went to watch that 2012 movie. imdb gave it 6.5 star rating, but for me its should be much lesser than that. i mean its about end of the world mann... why doesnt they invest much more for all those cgi stuff, and the movie was quite predictable... i pity gordon coz he was suppose to be happily ever after with his new wife but instead jackson came and steals her while he was driving(and practically saving all of em!! hello!) that big jumbo aircraft dengan yuri. haiya. the only thing good about the movie is, THANDIE NEWTON! hahahha after the movie we went to darus and hang. it was then my bestie came out with a quote which practically answerd my one question... THE one question... that one question ive been asking everyone and nobody seems to came out with a straight answer...

question - if every man and women is destined to have that one person... a soulmate, but why does my mum endup being a single parent... sampai sekarang?
wanie - it says that every person is destined to have someone, a soulmate in this world. there's no sign of telling who's you soulmate and who isnt. and it also doesnt state whether we'll be happily ever after ke tak dengan that ONE. so basically there's a possibility of being with your soulmate but minus the happily ever after part.

thanxs *wink* *wink*


  1. not sure if I deserve the thanks when the statement I made is quite depressing.

  2. i think in a way i feel good rather than sorry for myself... at least i dont feel that my 'one' would eventually makes everything better... hihihi