Saturday, June 20, 2009

KUL/KCH/KUL part 2

it was S-U-P-E-R-B! lemme repeat that.... it was SUPERB man!!! everything started off not soo good, since the transport had a minor problem with the engine but after that it was a smooth journey to the end. the crew was extra super duper nice. teach me alot in terms of working during bz flight. we had a full load from and to KUL. had a hands on session during pre-flight and during flight. owh yea my back hurts due to bending here and there, i need to learn the art of "not to bend" but still manage to get down... owh yeah... kudos to the crew, they made my first flight as a moment to be remembered. wehuu! looking foward to my SNY.

"remember it wont be all sunshine and birds flying around all day. there would definately be rainy days and thunder storm. so hope for the best and be extra prepared for the worst."
one of the crew

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