Monday, November 23, 2009

remember my name

for some reason people that i havent seen for quite some time keep popping out everywhere. i met balram (a childhood friend which we always tukar-tukar pinjam tape game dulu when nintendo used to be the in thing) on a flight, met syafiq (used to work togetha in nandos) in darus, met raisa (qissy's friend) in mid, a bunch of people who i dont remember their name but i remember goin to school or poly together with em in klia, premnath (classmate during primary school) in transport dept. and few others more. i mean what is this man? is this some sort of sign? sign for? could things be more clearer for once in my life!?

just came back from a quite a hectic outing. went to mid to c a movie wif cik bestie. lepak in cb (which i was amazed with her cb card thinggy. sangat cool. hahahahah lame gile i) went back to shah alam and drove to sunway to meet a friend. owh one thing that i regret today is, not listening to my guts which it told me to cancel that meeting session in sunway and just lepak with my crissy, sally n adi. y? coz the so called meeting session was this 'persuasion session' to ajak me to join this investment+multilevel shit. dude it takes you more than those sweet little 'happly ever after' stories and a bunch of dude driving some cool looking cars. i mean you kept saying 'why bother working for people when you can work for yourself' but in the end you systems is just like everywhere punya system. the more 'downline' you have the more money for the people above you. plus i need to invest THIRTEEN FUCKING THOUSAND to enter this investment+multilevel stuff. where t hell am i gonna get that much of money. as if life is that simple.

anyway im really happy with how i am now. will try not to be greedy and try to appreciate and live with what i have now.

am trying so hard to give away most of my off days. need flight to cover my annual leave. anyone? off day anyone?

am looking forward for new moon, sherlock holmes, mr fantastic fox, ironman 2 and fame (kalau keluar kat malaysia la...)

owh yeah my bestie rawks!

next agenda before 2010...



girlfriend.... (m not desperate, only looking hahah)


  1. pheeeww
    finnaly "get a girlfriend"
    nasib baik bukan boyfriend. haha
    go go go alip :)

  2. pantekkk... hahahahhaahahahahahahahahhaha