Saturday, July 23, 2011

big, humongous, enourmous, huge or what ever u wanna call it...

Saya tak pernah suka orang bawak beg besar. I mean kalau kau check in beg itu i really dont mind, but if you are the type who refuse to check it in just because you are too stingy, *shopping nak penuhkan beg tue mampu* you can seriously go to hell. Aku tau ko masuk carrefour dan shop beg "wear and tear" yang terbesar dalam carrefour dan kemudian kau penuhkan seberat dunia dan bawak masuk cabin. Lepas tue kau cakap kat aku that its too heavy! So if its heavy to you, why would it be any less diff to me? Dah la 737 ney single aisle je, kau dah bawak beg besar2 kemudian kau bawak paper bag LV kau tue dan cakap tak boleh stack atas dier coz ade handbag mahal! FORGODSAKE IF ITS TOO FRAGILE, KEEP IT WITH YOU! THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! And because of your bag is not cabin size, kene susun memanjang dan tambah ngan paper bag kau, satu compartment sahaja dah mmg penuh untuk kau. Self-fucking-fish punya malaysian. Bila masuk passenger lain yang seperangai ngan kau, mmg la aku kene offload beg2 korang. Nak marah? Marah la ngan passenger yang selfish macam mereka ney, cabin crew cuma assist, buat ape kau marah aku? Ney belum cerita passenger yang bawak 5 beg untuk bawak masuk cabin. Itu lagi tak pikir orang lain. I totally ok with passenger dan request pelik2 korang tapi beg besar dan berat, saya sangat allergic dengan kamu. Maybe they should write "if you cant carry your bags, what makes you think that our cabin crew would actually manage to carry it for you?" on our ad. Kalau aku angkat beg kau dan 3 tahun akan datang aku dapat slipdisk, ade kau kisah? Lepas compartment dah full, masuk pulak en. Corporate yang insist that his lappy bag to be on top of his head. Suruh letak bawah seat tamau sebab tada roomspace. Lepas tu passenger yang bodo yang main suka2 tinggal beg kat aisle sebab dier tgk tada space kat compartment dan ingat cabin crew ney hamba dier. Ade je aku campak beg kat tarmac. Kalau nak cerita pasal bag mmg tak habis. Oleh kerana saya operate 737, mmg issue beg ney is a never ending punya hal. Tak cerita kalau operate 738 pergi DEL, BLR, HYD dll. Bag mmg nightmare la. Pernah kot flight aku delay satu jam lebey pasal hal ngan bag. Tak cerita pasal bag TC yang besar gedabak gak. Haih.

Aug roster just came out the other day, along with our salary. Roster had never failed to dissapoint me. 4 sectors all the way, PEK and raya im on stnd by. I have nothing to look forward to. Nothing! Nil! Bulan puasa betul2 menjadi dugaan untuk saya. Same shit, diff year.

Owh yeah cant wait for my vaio! Wheeee, command & conquer, world of warcraft, crisis, assasins creed, starcraft 2 & mechwarrior 5 here i comeee! Yea no life saya tau! Dah lama nak main game ney cuma pc yang obselete tue je tak mampu nak main!
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Urbanoscapo 2011

Back then it was known as KLue Urbanscapes, now its just Urbanscapes je. Basically tadi for performance the was the mainstage, moonshine stage, junk stage, live experience stage and x-"something" stage. A long stretch of booth selling from crapo stuff, cams to shirt, dresses and stuffs. There was a only a few booth selling over priced food. And there wasnt a proper place to chill (the sun was literally an inch above my head, it was freaking hot with no shade to cover myself). It was a great event, spacious, so that people isnt crowding around like back then in KLpac, it was like rootz on saturday night. But the low down was since there was too many stage to go to and they all played at the same time so crowd was scattered all over the place, imagine like there was this biiiiig one stage but the crowd macam a few je coz most of them are all at diff stage. Even when najwa was singging on the mainstage, most of the people was at t junk stage coz liyani fizi was performing. Management agak suckie. The speedzone was el perfecto, the beatbox performance was a killah. A dude who can sing p.ramlee song and yet he can still beatboxing. Wasnt much of activities to do. Art installment pun kurang. Parking was a pain in thr backside. With all this going on of course i met all those long lost event friends. My mosh friends, performers (jiwa, ayak, pejal, tengku, tara, cease), booth peeps (shikin, ice, nareez, mo and few others), poly dudes and some other who i classified them as the raingers (we used to follow hujan their every other gigs). It was very nostalgic. Cheeehwah. Kononnye. It took remind me back in 2008 when i used to perform and organized gigs (FYI i did the soft launching of JayaOne yeeeaa). RANtai Art Events, kugilalensa, quickie 8tv, bangkit, funky doryz and stuff. Haha those were the days la.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

butterflies in my stomach

I still remember my puppy love back then in high school. Back then when handphones are still expensive and the most canggih one is nokia 3310. Back then we dont have twitter and facebook and all, so getting to know someone was waaaaaaay harder than today. I wrote her a simple "i want to get to know you" note on a piece of kajang paper (ala that kertas kajang where ur school punya logo ada kat atas tue), and during recess hour i put it inside her english text book (coz im a certified stalker, i know that her next class is english haha). It took me quite a while to realize that i forgot to put who am i and how do she reply (since her class was across my class). Wanted to talk to her tapi butterflies are running wild in my stomach, so i wrote another letter, masa nak letak dalam buku dier again, her classmate/friend/deskmate happen to walk in the class (i think she forgot her lunch money or something) and saw me at their desk, sneaking and looking all suspicious. So she ambushed me from behind and start accusing me being a thief and stuff. I was too malu to say that i was putting love letter in her deskmate book, so instead i made up stories saying that i want to pass a note from a friend to her deskmate and guess what she bought me to her friend. Long story short after meeting her in person (in a way i had no other choice lah masa tue) i dont need any letters, i only say what i wanna say in person and thats how i get to know her. It was one of my "make it or break it" moment. I really dont care wether she'll hate me or she will like me, i just wanna get the message across and spill my guts out. But i dont seems to have the courage to do that nemore. Even with my ex, i managed to pull myself together and go straight to her and ask for her phone numb. Hahah i like being young and naive, you dont think much, u just do it!

Moving on
Bestie just bought a monopoly, i never knew that board games could be thiiiiiiiis fun (esp when u r winning! Haha). Tadi they just bought jenga and monopoly 3D. Cant wait to win, agaiinnn. Hahaha btw congratz on ye annie.

Moving on
Cant wait for my taipei and delhi flight. Its been awhile since my last taipei and delhi layover.

Taipei = oyster mee + pudding + bubble tea + camarel strawberry + chicken xxl + shinlin

Delhi = nothern india curry + sarojini market + super crazy tut tut + himalaya products

Im totally gonna tapau lotsof pudding from 7E (sounds funny that im gonna shop in 7E but our 7E is nothing compared to theirs) and eat loaaaddds of street food in shinlin. As for delhi if i can get myself to sarojini then its curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I could never get enough of their curry. Seriously kari diorang memang ade kick. Not forgetting the super cheapo himalaya products. Been wanting to stockup on scrub, toner and such. Other than this 2 flights, i have nothing else to look forward to this month.

And owh yea saya sudah berjaya lari 10km. Next, 13km.
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

B U N C I T iHATEyou

Its hard being buncit. Its never easy. Im always shy when taking off my shirt whenever m at the beach or pool, no self confidence when going after girls, always have to tuck in all those spare tyres and pouch bag especially during safety demo, whenever seated at your crew seat its evenharder to pull in all those fats in, crew always go "duddee is that your stomach", all your jeans doesnt fit right anymore, u need to breathe in when putting on your pants, my hips are getting bigger, u ran what 5km? 7km? 10km? For nothing, all your loose pants are now like a skinny pants, u dont feel right, how do you dress to impress but you yourself are not impressive, i have a height issue and now perut issue, ive always wanted to go for all that adds casting but obviously not with this perut, they say its cute to have a lil bit of perut but this aint no lil bit nemore, im prone to looking at t mirror and feel bad about myself, light colours doesnt suit me nemore, the more i try to lose my perut t bigger it gets, i like food, like literally everything but due to this perut issue i had to cut all those nasty fatty foods, i tried to not eat rice but come on! ive been living with rice for almost 24 years, i cant watch all those branded stuff adds coz ill envy those guys with nice abs and killa cuts and few others. Its not like im not doing anything about it, i doooo but gila it doesnt work man. Im thinkking of lipo and slimming tea but i just cant handle t whole shitting and sitting in t toilet 24/7. Plus lipo mahal kot. Urgh why cnt u just go away buncit.
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Monday, July 4, 2011

For whom i would never know

Your hand that i could hold,
A love story that i could told,
A lips that i could kiss,
A life that i would miss,
A heart to be sold,
To whom i would never know,
A night that i could remember,
With whom ive always wonder,
A gentle touch ive always hunger,
A warm cuddle that i crave,
Your heart i would keep safe,
Forever together i would say,
Happiness everyday,
Ive found you i would finally say,
Unconditional love from me,
Your heart and soul i would be,
All this wishes,
Are nothing but just wishes,
Too long i have been,
From a lust forest for what i was,
Now a dried dessert ive become,
What did i do to deserve this?
Is this karma? Or what ever this is...
4 long years,
Isnt thats enough?
It should have made me tougher,
Instead ive grown weaker,
Deep inside im getting bitter,
Felt like im trapped,
Totured and half dead,
For ive only watched,
Not to feel or touch,
Never to say or confide,
One word i have for this,
Definately not love what this is,
An eternal loneliness,
For what it have been,
If capulet and montague were starcrossed lovers,
Then im starcrossed with my own fate forever,
A promise of a soulmate,
But not a guaranteed hapiness,
Owh life owh life i really hate,
One day maybe one day,
A story,
A lips,
A night,
A wish,
For whom i would never know...
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