Thursday, June 18, 2009


i would say right now i am happy and afraid at the same time since my observation flight is in two days time. im happy that im like thiiiiis close in finishing my trainning and thiiiiis close in becoming a real steward but can i handle the heat? since things are very different up there. when you're working down here you can always sneak out and have a few puff of smoke whenever you feel a bit deepress or tension with the people around you but how the hell can i sneak out of the aeroplane and grap a few puff of cigarettes. will i be lost in KLIA? can i answer all the question by the senior crew? can i survive all the hell in the aircraft?

on the otherside
this past few weeks have been really great, the cherating trip was absolutely aweeesome; something that i'll remember forever, safety class was damn great especialy with the IFS, CS, LSS and a rock safety bitchy-ness and bimbo level has come to a new level. uniforms and accessories dah dapat. i would definately miss the ktm session with wanie after i start online! kugilalensa dah siap their first single! honey madu actually puji my design for the cover. (senyum lebaaaaaaaar)

p.s - sempoi je shikin... :)


  1. thts rite, cn u handle it??? cn u handle becoming terlampau??? huhuhuhu

    why ask? uve chosen the path n theres no turning back!

    aku blh jd trainer plkn....u sure cn la...

    I NK TGK DESIGN U...............

  2. wah... bile ko jadi trainer plkn! i dont know that!!!

    hahha i ingat jadi cabin crew neyh senang... tapi... sabtu neyh my first flight ever... 2 sector.. KUL/KCH pastu KCH/KUL... takut ade... gumbira pun ade... :)

    jap... i update my post neyh...