Saturday, February 7, 2009

All's Well That Ends Well

yeah.. alhamdulillah. after being rush here and there the whole week for "RANtAi presents Gaza: Let Ther Be Love 2009", everything seem berbaloi pada hari event tersebut. booth participation were great, the crowd were excellent, music performance were breath taking (thanks to incik-incik soundman), the committee were very helpfull and the media was very nice to cover us. at first i tot things would not turn out as good as it is, since there were a few miscommunication and most of the work were being done last minute. jeez. dah la ade event yang sebijik ngan rantai ney cume dekat Bangsar Shopphing Center. gila. 

secara holistiknya event semalam was besh. timing lari sikit jee (thanxs to melissa, hamzah, ojie and everyone for keeping the timing cantik-cantik je), tara and hamzah totally rock the stage with the syncho-psycho-ish mc (ahhahah), and thanxs to everyone for the every work you guys did to ensure the smoothness of the event. at last chemistry dah ade. :)

and not forgetting to those who shop at the event and menderma dalam tabung. roughly we manage to get aroung 2.8K for Gaza. See... dats wat chu get when you gather indie labels, artist, event organizer and of course the great indie crowd. maybe 2.8k seems a bit little to some of us, but to me it will mean a lot to those guys and children in Gaza. thanxs guys.

for those of you who didnt come and shop for gaza, you totally missed out on a great event. 

all's well that ends well
"RANtAi presents Gaza: Let Ther Be Love 2009"

p.s = rase besh lak jadi stage coordinator semalam. eventhou i x makan the whole day, but feel satisfied bile tgk the event run smoothly. it was a "priceless" moment. hahhaha bile nak wat event lagi. hahah btw pictures coming up guys! stay tuned!


  1. wah alip hebat haha da kuar rantai ke ahaha

  2. hahhaha... aku masih freelance.. cume nak tlng2 time hari event jee mulai sekarang...