Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a little something

since every now and then, the "company" would send an email reminding us to write something for the "company" blog. so i decided to write a little something for the blog

"Ohana means family. Family means no one is left behind or forgotten". No matter how far or how high we fly, batch 09/2009 will still be our family, we will never left anyone behind or forget anyone. 13 April 2009 will definately be a day for us to remember forever as it is the first day we met each other. At first all of us want the trainning to finish as soon as possible, but in the end none of us want the trainning to end. The instructor, batchmates and almost everyone its like a family already for us.

The trainning life in Malaysia Airlines Academy is not as easy as everyone thinks, the syllabus is well planned for us from induction, grooming, communication skills, aviations, fundamental on hospitality, B737 familirization, safety emergency procedure, inflight observation, service procedure and last but not least our supernumarary flight. grooming was the most fun subject of all since we get the chance for an image make over. we were sent to hair expert to advice us on our hairstyle and later we were sent on a class for grooming as in how to do a great makeup, skin care and such. we also been thought in effective communication in communication skills class. we also get the chance to understand the concept of flight in aviation class. the subject covers from the parts of the aircraft, gmt to theory of flight. i would say that safety procedure has been the most toughest subject in the trainning since it cover from hijacks to first aid. but then again, it is also the most interesting subject of all, since we are expose to survival skills, first aid, handling destructive passenger and such. every now and then we would have examination to test our understanding on every subject, those who failed will need to resit the subject,we would gather together and studied till midnight. we would tutor each other till late. eventhou its hard, our teamwork, friendship and hardship that we learn from each other strive us till the end.

tomorrow marks a new day in our life since we'll be having our last course in our training which the supernumarary flight. this last few days that we will spend together will be remembered forever. good luck everyone.

This 65 days of trainning have been the most longest and the most happiest days of our life. We came in as 16 batchmates and we finish as 1. 09/2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

im alive

one thing that i really hate about life is changes. yeah changes, as in a passing from one phase to another. tomorrow is the last day of our training (SNY tidak termasuk), we'll be having a our finale test on morning and wet run (to those who isn't fimiliar with the terms, this is what we call practical for service procedure in the mockup aircraft with real food), a few hours of class, dance rehearsal and SNY briefing. when i just about to get along, just about to have my very extra super wonderfull comfort zone... all of the sudden our trainning life is over, so there wont be any more CBT, Lala Land (refers to the smoking area), instructor, CCTS and FS&HF or in other word there wont be any MAA up till our refresher course or tetibe kene panggil balik. i know i kept repeating the same thing, but there wont be anymore KTM session! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! omg i tell you how much the KTM session means for me! (is not the whole waitting for the train session yea... itu sikit pun tidak ku rindu). tetapi sesi saya dan wanie bercerita. yup... we talked about life! we talked about stuff... we talked about work/training and last but not least we talked about how frustrated we are with the KTM services. muahahha

since im moving in with them(merujuk kepada mereka-mereka yang tinggal di tingkat 15 iaitu jarjar, chewbaca, crissy dan munchkin) around late august, so there wont be any bitching session for me siot... GREAT! :(
its not that i dont want things to change, its just that i would love if i could enjoy this moment a bit longer, lepas tue nak abis, abis la. jeez... tapi after two month will thing still be like how it used to be?

moving on...
DONT EAT AT J.CO DONUT!!!!! THEY SUCK! I BOUGHT A DONUT WHICH CONTAIN INSECTS! *saya tiada gambar untuk membuktikan ini tetapi ITS TRUE! vote for big apple!

and owh yea i think im thinking of someone siot! and its definately not Diana. i have a sort of happy feeling but not sure what it's called :)

"i hope my smile can distract you"
the perisher - pills

"January, February, March, April, May I'm alive
June, July, August, September,October I'm alive
November, December, you all through the winter, I'm alive
I'm alive"
stars - calender girl

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

KUL/KCH/KUL part 2

it was S-U-P-E-R-B! lemme repeat that.... it was SUPERB man!!! everything started off not soo good, since the transport had a minor problem with the engine but after that it was a smooth journey to the end. the crew was extra super duper nice. teach me alot in terms of working during bz flight. we had a full load from and to KUL. had a hands on session during pre-flight and during flight. owh yea my back hurts due to bending here and there, i need to learn the art of "not to bend" but still manage to get down... owh yeah... kudos to the crew, they made my first flight as a moment to be remembered. wehuu! looking foward to my SNY.

"remember it wont be all sunshine and birds flying around all day. there would definately be rainy days and thunder storm. so hope for the best and be extra prepared for the worst."
one of the crew

Friday, June 19, 2009

KUL/KCH/KUL part 1

first flight! worried/nervous/happy/excited/speechless

Thursday, June 18, 2009


i would say right now i am happy and afraid at the same time since my observation flight is in two days time. im happy that im like thiiiiis close in finishing my trainning and thiiiiis close in becoming a real steward but can i handle the heat? since things are very different up there. when you're working down here you can always sneak out and have a few puff of smoke whenever you feel a bit deepress or tension with the people around you but how the hell can i sneak out of the aeroplane and grap a few puff of cigarettes. will i be lost in KLIA? can i answer all the question by the senior crew? can i survive all the hell in the aircraft?

on the otherside
this past few weeks have been really great, the cherating trip was absolutely aweeesome; something that i'll remember forever, safety class was damn great especialy with the IFS, CS, LSS and a rock safety instructor.my bitchy-ness and bimbo level has come to a new level. uniforms and accessories dah dapat. i would definately miss the ktm session with wanie after i start online! kugilalensa dah siap their first single! honey madu actually puji my design for the cover. (senyum lebaaaaaaaar)

p.s - sempoi je shikin... :)
i havent post any new entries lately, being all moody after class really doesnt help me to have anything good to write. the shitty part is, i kept thinking of diana this few weeks, especially after tersempak dengan dia the other day at parade when me, sallina and crystal went to mfm for our lunch. i kept sayin that im okay, but i dont think i am. i miss how we would shop groceries together and spending the day in the kitchen; cooking, messing around and bla bla bla. i do admit that maybe i was a bit unmature back then but one thing for sure, i was really serious in our relationship. its sad thinking how long we spent to build our castle in the sky and it only takes another person to make the sky all dark and empty. i wasnt really good in expressing my emotions and no, im not the spontaneous romantic kinda of guy but i have tried my best to be there for her.

"A beautiful girl can make you dizzy, Like you've been drinking jack and coke all morning, She can make u feel high, Full a single greatest commodity known to man"
Takingback Sunday - Great Romance of The 20th Century

she USED to make me feel dizzy and high.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

days to go!

10 fregging days to go for our observation flight! and 16 days to go till my supernumarary flight! hahah tak sabar ada, cam sedih pun ade! :(

name tag dah dapat, maybe this week akan dapat full uniform kot! weehuuu!! tak sabar!


terminator salvation was awesome! am looking foward untuk episode seterusnya :)


am missing cherating!

kugilalensa! sayep rindukan anda semua!


emotionally unstable


"Too bad you knew me.
When I wasn't ready.
I wasn't ready.
Did I say, "Come and get me?"
Too bad I held on."
Meg & Dia - Masterpiece

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

fairy tales

"We all remember the bed time stories of our childhood. The shoe fit Cinderella, the frog was turned into a prince, sleeping beauty was awakened with a kiss. Once upon a time and then they lived happily ever after. Fairy tales. The stuff of dreams."
Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 1

fairy tales dont come true and it's just too impossible to have happy endings.