Wednesday, February 25, 2009

lesson in life #2

money is a dangerous thing to play with. no matter who you are or where you are, you will always get your self into this mess. spending and saving need to be plans ahead otherwise you'll stuck being pennyless or broke at the end of the month. no matter how big or how small your salary/allowance is, semua nye bergantung on how you plan your spendings. in my case i never actually plan my spending, everytime i have money, i'll just set my self on a "shoping spree mode" like there's no tomorrow. thats my problem. never really actually fikir pasal those rainy days. haha i knoe it is suckie at times. ehh no all the time.. hhaha well people change kan? especially bila dah terhantuk kuat-kuat dekat kepala bwu dorang realize, "its about time i change this and that". same here. am really start to plan my spending. 

and talking about changes, yeah i do realize that people do change, everyday and everytime. for better and for worse. well its apart of growing up kan? its great when you realize mistakes you did in the past years and trying not to step into the same potholes again and again and again. really! especially when it involves managing stuff. bravo!

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