Saturday, August 8, 2009

i cannot get tired because i choose to be here

thats what my lss told me. "you cannot get tired of what u are doing because you yourself choose to be here. therefore why dont u just go all out... give everything you got!"

come to think about it, its true la...

but still the fact that i dont really memorize or fimiliarize with my responsibilities yet, made the job unenjoyable.

well neway just came back from CGK or cengkareng, jakarta for a nightstop.

the nightstop was superb! the set crew was all nice especially geena/jenna *tak sure how to eja ur name. she went to try the nasi goreng gila. owh yes... crazy fried rice. hahah its oni IRP 7,000 which is around RM 2.something.

i went all the way there... tapi i didnt try the famous nasi padang. shoot. menyesal makan kebab.

the senior crew was very nice. for the first time i felt like im IN the crowd among the crews. hope to fly with you guys again!

goin to CGK i was the BC1 tapi time balik i was the AC man! ohohohoh i never ever prepared for that position! but the lss was really a penyabar one. it was sny all over again man! gila kesian my lss. tapi she did a really good job in teaching me. i was touched when she said that tired thinggy to me. it was a long conversation actually, tapi ayat tue pemati segala-galanya.

and owh i learn a new word today. fuckerama. hahah


  1. good luck with ur work bro.. kim salam kat pramugari yang bergetah k

  2. update la weh. I'm bored and I need something to read! rawr!