Wednesday, May 27, 2009

can things get any better?

minggu ini sangat sux. saya sangat moody, craving for new emo-screamo songs.

dah la dengan tiada mood, class everyday dekat CBT (computer based trainning), tambah lagi dengan my classmate yang failed fundamental on hospitality subject which she had to leave our class dan join batch junior, im sad that she had to leave us and at the same time i am scared yang maybe im next kooot. nak study sungguh tiada mood. first aid test is on next monday. fock x ready lagi siot.


so far i've completed
- grooming
- impact
- communication
- aviation
- fundamental on hospitality
- cabin familirization B737-400 *giggles*
- first aid (on goin)

there's still 17 days to my in flight observation (IOE) and 25 day to my SNY flights (practical)

ish... fock... takut gile...
if its meant to be, then it is meant to be la...