Thursday, February 26, 2009

Im tagged!

Dengan pertolongan Syikin, saya telah ditagged untuk menghadapi masa atau saat-saat yang membosankan ini... hahahah

Go to Google and type in your first name and the phrase all in quotes. Copy and paste the first sentence/phrase you get that makes sense.

1. Question: Type in "[your name] needs" in the Google search.
ALIF needs a long skin incision and extensive dissection... (hahahah)

2. Question: Type in "[your name] looks like" in Google search.
The letter alif looks like a vertical line. At the beginning of a word, it can sound like the short vowels "a," "i," or "u." Or it can act as a place-holder ... (hahaha jawi beb)

3. Question: Type in "[your name] says" in Google search.
[01:38:12] Alif says: imagine ur close fren lying to you [01:38:18] Alif says: how'd you feel? [01:38:24] my friend! says: it hurts ...

4. Question: Type in "[your name] wants" in Google search.
alif transport wants to become the first choice for the customers. having more than five years experience...(???)

5. Question: Type in "[your name] does" in Google search.
ALIF does have several drawbacks. First, it requires a separate incision. With a transperitoneal approach, there is risk of ...(??? hah!)

6. Question: Type in "[your name] hates" in Google search.
ALhamdulillah alif hates tuna :P Every Monday his tuna sandwich lunch bento is subtituted by cheese sandwich hehe. Since Alif become the kindergarten’s ... (really do i hate tuna?)

7. Question: Type in "[your name] asks" in Google search.
... Outlandish "I Only Ask of God". Added by Alif Music ...

8. Question: Type in "[your name] likes " in Google search.
alif likes those songs.. seriously.. he sings it in school sometimes. ... (lagu ape?? angin? hahha)

9. Question: Type in "[your name] eats " in Google search.
...and they got psycho by me into eating cakes from Secret Recipe. Thats the next post guys : ). Alif Restaurant.. (even got a restaurant with my name.. coolness)

10. Question: Type in "[your name] wears " in Google search.
I had a 360 ALIF and still had to wear the brace which actually was...

11. Question: Type in "[your name] loves" in Google Search.
Alif Love Supreme Album by Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Alif: Love Supreme Album Reviews, Alif: Love Supreme Track Listing, Alif: Love Supreme Track Clips, ...

12. Question: Type in "[your name] is taken" in Google Search.
he pronunciation of Alif - Aaa is a sound taken from the lowest part of the throat... (Jawi lagi.. hahha)

13. Question: Type in "[your name] works" in Google Search.
ALIF works well for degenerative disc disease without spondylolisthesis... (hahah tade kene mengena kot)

14. Question: Type in "[your name] was arrested for" in Google Search.
Alif Khan can't go home. ... Afghan troops arrested him in Gardez in early 2002 while he was riding in a car from Kabul to Khost. ... (Alif Khan pulak pegi nye... hahah)

Jadi di sini saye meng-tag 3 kawan saya... Adi, Amim-san dan Hanin... hihihih

Hell Yeah!


Dear Mr/Ms Alif Iskandar Bin Tarihhuddin

We are pleased to inform that you have been selected as a Trainee Cabin
Crew with Malaysia Airlines.This position is subject to the following:

-  Passing medical examination by a doctor nominated by MAS
-  Passing all security clearance
-  Posses valid international passport
-  Bonded with MAS for the duration of 2 years
-  Complete (Bonding Agreement)

Malaysia Airlines (HR Recruitment) will notify you on the arrangements and
we would appreciate that you avail yourself for the appointment.

Should you need futher clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us
at following.

xx : xx

Malaysia Airlines is looking forward to have you as part of our family.


Tel No : 03-7x4x4x8x

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

lesson in life #2

money is a dangerous thing to play with. no matter who you are or where you are, you will always get your self into this mess. spending and saving need to be plans ahead otherwise you'll stuck being pennyless or broke at the end of the month. no matter how big or how small your salary/allowance is, semua nye bergantung on how you plan your spendings. in my case i never actually plan my spending, everytime i have money, i'll just set my self on a "shoping spree mode" like there's no tomorrow. thats my problem. never really actually fikir pasal those rainy days. haha i knoe it is suckie at times. ehh no all the time.. hhaha well people change kan? especially bila dah terhantuk kuat-kuat dekat kepala bwu dorang realize, "its about time i change this and that". same here. am really start to plan my spending. 

and talking about changes, yeah i do realize that people do change, everyday and everytime. for better and for worse. well its apart of growing up kan? its great when you realize mistakes you did in the past years and trying not to step into the same potholes again and again and again. really! especially when it involves managing stuff. bravo!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

is soul searching

i dont really know what i want.
i dont really quite sure whats the next step?
am i on the right track?
will i regret later?
i know regret and mistakes are all apart of life cycle,
but then again i dont want to be THAT dude who gets old, crappy and keeps complaining for what mistakes i did when i was young.
so yeah, im young, i cant affford making stupid decisions and mistakes.

am i on the right track?

Monday, February 16, 2009

16 february 2009

a. pepagi buta lepak kat padang dataran shah alam and menyayi cam orang gile dengan bertemankan dengan cd, ema ngan sepasang shaker kicil. COOLIES! tengs guys for culik-ing me.
b. woke up this morning, on ym and there was this offline msg...

"Pls Help 2 blast out this msg ASAP. A car was stolen by an Indian in Taman Berkeley, Klang early Morning on 16 Feb. A young boy aged 6 yrs old was inside th car. If you see a meroon Proton Wira JF A 4552, pls call mr Foo @ 019- 6555174 or 012 2838371 or nearest police station. It is kid who must be in fear now, that matters. Your immediate msg blast are very much appreciated"

Awat nak culik orang on my birthday. Fok man, what has this world turn into?

c. felt new since im 22 today. yeay! coolness! im officially legal to go anywhere! wuhuuu.
d. my brother bought me 2 pairs of new drumstick
e. had a "before dinner + evening tea" in TGI The Curve
f. family dinner
g. small-small stuff yang tidak perlu diperkatakan disini :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

the beginning of something new

woke up around 9, 10 camtue. there was like 4 new messages and sume tanye wether i got the job or not. it was pretty suckie to start the day with since i x dapat any phone calls pun lagi. and suddently a fren of mine called and he said he got it. i asked how did he know? did the pegawai from MAS call you or something? and he said no man, i was the one who called them. so immediately i hang up and called MAS HR dept. and guess what? i still cant stop smiling. bud sadly from my group (me, sue ling, lisa, bryan and alwin) alwin didnt make it. tot we could be the happy and bubbly batch. hahahha i wish. so yeah, most probably i'll:-

a. start my trainning around march KOTTTTTTT
b. bonding for 2 years
c. contract for 3 years
d. finish everything by march 2014

omg this is my beginning of something new... something big perhaps... its now or never baby! at last, i can get out from my comfort zone and start something new. explore new things. new working enviroment and experience. tapi feel kinda hard to leave RANtAi, the whole rock the art tour crew and kugilalensa especially. this is by far the most exciting episode in my life so far. if im still with my ex, this would be the second best lah. hahah

p.s = you can scratch my first wish list.. since i already got the job yo! hahahha

*still smiling*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

my new wish list

for my birthday maybe?

a. cabin crew job in Malaysia Airlines System (obses gile babi neyh)
b. sarah brightman VIP ticket (blue seat pun jadi laa)
c. mocca ticket pun ok lah, murah je
d. a tone port
e. dat particular wallet in topshop
f. a brand new acoustic guitar (mine neck dah bengkok, dah sangat2 season)
g. drumstick baru pun jadilah


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

mari ramai-ramai berdoa...

uhh... after waitting for almost 2 weeks, tomorrow is THE day. THE day which will, either melegakan or menghampakan. besok jawapan MAS keluar, as we budjet la... hopefully dapat. so i could get out from my comfort zone. i wanna go out and experience more. please. i really need this job.

*sila hayati "the monophones - a voyage to the velvet sun"*

Sunday, February 8, 2009


ohhhhh mmmaaaaiii gggoooodddd....!!!

sarah brightman is stoping by in malaysia for her symphony tour. ouh shit! checked ticket axcess already, the ticket price ranging from rm253 to RM1203. madefake mahal siot! i am sooooo not goin to sunburst and obviously im gonna stop spending, and save. dapat seat paling cikai pun ok la. as long as i dont get to miss this second opportunity. fuck man. really gotta see her. aaaaa...!!! im soooo gonna dream about her and her lovely voice. lantak laa, pop-ish soprano pun lantak laa. as long as her songs gave me that serene feeling. the first time i listen to her songs when i was like 14 kot. and she gave me that goosebump. uhh just like kak fynn's poetry.

DUDEEEE... forgot my birthday is coming this 16th, so everyone, kumpulkan lah duit anda dan donate kepada saye yea. pleaseeeeeeee. bukan selalu mintak hadiah. hahahhaha 

p.s = kan betoi firasat saye mengatakan NERD main kat sunburst. tapi lantak lah, sarah brightman lagi rawk dari pharrell williams!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

All's Well That Ends Well

yeah.. alhamdulillah. after being rush here and there the whole week for "RANtAi presents Gaza: Let Ther Be Love 2009", everything seem berbaloi pada hari event tersebut. booth participation were great, the crowd were excellent, music performance were breath taking (thanks to incik-incik soundman), the committee were very helpfull and the media was very nice to cover us. at first i tot things would not turn out as good as it is, since there were a few miscommunication and most of the work were being done last minute. jeez. dah la ade event yang sebijik ngan rantai ney cume dekat Bangsar Shopphing Center. gila. 

secara holistiknya event semalam was besh. timing lari sikit jee (thanxs to melissa, hamzah, ojie and everyone for keeping the timing cantik-cantik je), tara and hamzah totally rock the stage with the syncho-psycho-ish mc (ahhahah), and thanxs to everyone for the every work you guys did to ensure the smoothness of the event. at last chemistry dah ade. :)

and not forgetting to those who shop at the event and menderma dalam tabung. roughly we manage to get aroung 2.8K for Gaza. See... dats wat chu get when you gather indie labels, artist, event organizer and of course the great indie crowd. maybe 2.8k seems a bit little to some of us, but to me it will mean a lot to those guys and children in Gaza. thanxs guys.

for those of you who didnt come and shop for gaza, you totally missed out on a great event. 

all's well that ends well
"RANtAi presents Gaza: Let Ther Be Love 2009"

p.s = rase besh lak jadi stage coordinator semalam. eventhou i x makan the whole day, but feel satisfied bile tgk the event run smoothly. it was a "priceless" moment. hahhaha bile nak wat event lagi. hahah btw pictures coming up guys! stay tuned!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

pretty fucktup

i am pretty fucktup
doin something for somebody tapi, when i asked my self back. what do i get in return? im still figuring it out till now. you invested your energy, time and not so much of your money for... no im not complaining, bitching or anything, but i just dont quite understand myself for getting my but into this situation eventhou i see this whole thing is gonna happen, but dont think it would be this soon. well, hope i can get it done without spending any more money since im pennyless and totally broke. god please help me here...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

pity me

im sad and im broke... totally

Monday, February 2, 2009


the waitting part is really the hardest part. kenape la Malaysia Airlines tak terus pilih orang. tak tahu ke ade yg tak keje. dan dah boring dengan rutin hariannye.

a. bgn pagi
b. uruskan diri
c. makan
d. facebook, myspace, ym dan blog
e. makan
f. pukul buku hard cover dgn drumstick
g. ulang d sampai f sampai malam
h. kalo bertuah memember ajak lepak
i. tito

and thats how i spend my day. hopefully jawapan cabin crew tue awal sikit so i could get a job and get a new routine. one thing about routine that i hate is there's no suprises. buat itu, itu je la. tade pape. boring. :(

lesson in life # 1

when you met lots of different people in various background and profession, 1 thing you will realise. there's too many colours of people you have met. macam tee shirt,

a. there are t-shirt with light colours but with complicated designs
b. there's even with dark colours tapi designnye cantik
c. light colours with cool design
d. last but not least dark colours, ugly design

people dont change. you cannot expect them to change. even if tommorow is armageddon, like hell they are gonna change. they are still gonna stick to how they are. 
i really hate & despise those who always take things for granted. what do you really think i would be ok all the way with how you manage things? please do think about others. and there's even some girls i met *no im not bragging or anything*, just because i went out with you, doesnt mean im into you. please i been single for about 2 years, and i think i can live another day without any companion. noo please dont get me wrong, i like how things are. i like having you as a fren and maybe besfriend. but nothing more. please dont give me that l.o.v.e thing, it will spoil everything. trust me. 

"too bad you know me, when i wasnt ready..." 
meg & dia - masterpiece

there's even some people suprizingly love to lie. *liar liar your pants on fire*
they will do just anything to get their ass cover. even if they have to lie about the real situation. i met a guy, the other day, one thing about him is no matter how bad is the situation is. he would go like "naaahhhh, there's nothing to be worried about. i got things covered!". MY ASS! how can you say thing are covered when it is falling apart betul-betul depan mata you. 


no matter what the colour is, how the design is. you just have to live with it. its already printed. you cannot just erase the print and print a new one. you just cant. either you things yourself or do it together eventho you know in the end things will still be the same.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

my wish list

omg its 14 days more till my birthday. so i guess i should start making wish list for my birthday! hahahah the best thing about february is, i have 2 frens who celebrate their birthday in february oso. hahah people please get ready with the presents and the suprises (but please no eggs and flour hanin! hahaha) basically what i want most for this year is obviously SUNBURST 2009 ticket! you know what i heard, No one Ever Really Dies (NERD) is performing kat SUNBURST 2009! how cool is dat huh..?? Pharrell William rawk man! second on my wish list is dat one particular wallet in topshop which i have been aiming for quite awhile dah but sadly due to unstable financial status, window shopping jee laaa. and last but not least the third item on my wish list is umm.. tatau laa maybe a snare, a camera or maybe as simple as a drumstick. :)