Thursday, September 22, 2011

dont you think so?

at first it was good to be here. by looking at my job, my payslip, my lifestyle and my route/destination etc, yeah it feels kinda good to be here. but after 2 years plus, you could see most of your friends who are not in the airline are climbing, are achieving something in their field; managing their first project, promotion, pay raise, relocation, more benefits, more subordinates, new horizon, new perspective and such, but me on the other hand is still like how i started flying 2 years ago. dont you feel quite pissed off/embarrass/demotivated when everybody else around you is going up but you, yourself is stuck with the same shit for 2 years.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

caroline lufkin - where's my love

thats it for tonight. im out. peace ya'll

so far ive covered

regardless whether its a turnaround flight or a layover

permandangan dari atas

whenever in the future i lost track of what or where i wanna be, i shall watch this movie again and shout "paris first class, international...".

the story tells you about a small-town girl(gwyneth paltrow) who is so much so wants to get out from her town, hence becoming a flight attendant. she started from a budjet/small-time airline and later on transfer herself onto another (big)airline, which she started off as a domestic(short haul flights) route crew and later on as an international(long haul flights) route. its whenever she lost track of what she want in life she would say "paris first class, international...", because thats where she wants to be and belong.

obsessed you say? no dont think so, i just know that my life is much more than this *showing my roster*! i dont wanna stuck day in, day out doing this route and only this. i wanna to take it up onto the next level! as what ariel would say "i want moooooorrreee...". no its not about the money *maaayyybee a little part of it* but its more to achieving something in life. more like making myself happy.

Adam Subandi : Dan kamu ngangap pekerjaan pengantar roll film itu sebagai karir(career)?
Joni: Kenapa ngak?
Adam Subandi: Kamu itu sebetulnya pintar kelihatannya, tapi kenapa jadi under achiever. Kamu bisa dapat pekerjaan yang lebih bagus kalau kamu mau.
Joni: Memangnya kriteria anda tentang pekerjaan yang lebih baik itu apa? yang lebih banyak duitnya?
Adam Subandi: Bener kan.
Joni: Men ! Ah ! Lu ngecewain gue, buat seorang seniman pikiran lu ituh terlalu dangkal.
Adam Subandi: Jelaskan?
Joni: Pekerjaan paling baik adalah dimana lu bisa nikmatin pekerjaan itu.
Adam Subandi: Dan kamu menikmati pekerjaan sebagai pengantar film?
Joni: Ya, pekerjaan antar mengantar adalah bentuk dasar dari semua bentuk silaturahmi, karena sifatnya menghubung-hubungkan orang. Ingat nabi-nabi kan? Tugasnya juga mengantarkan pesan dari Tuhan ke manusia.

Taken from the movie Janji Joni (2005)

at the end of the day, you would sit down and ask yourself "are you happy with this?". "are you truly happy with what have you achieve in life?".

but why are am i so obsessed with airlines and route? simple, ive been serving customer/passenger/guest in my career lifelong. so i guess airlines is on top of the pyramid. no i dont want to go back to hotel-life and F&B industry, the only way im going is UP!

mataikan dua.kosong

owh yeah i did tol you guys that i bought meself a new fisheye 2.0 over at (thanxs to bestie) kan? ive just cuci-ed my first roll, not all came out right tho. there's few with no exposure at all, some came out all wrong due to main-suka-hati-editing-wahai-kedai-kamera and too much exposure. but then again thats what hobbies are for kan, failed at first try again and again and again till you get it right. hihihi

yup had to edit the contrast and the brightness sikit since wahai-kedai-kamera-main-suka-hati-edit-je. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

suatu ketika dahulu

the day that my dream crumbled to dust

just came back from an easy LBU layover. surprisingly i was the most senior steward on that flight. flew with my twin batchmates. so as expected, we wanted to had our dinner to that overly famous food court right beside the hotel. but sadly it was raining meow meow and woof woof. so we had to head down to the coffee house and have that rm20 fried rice (i could literally have 5 of the same nasi goreng in a mamak. jeez hotel and their overly priced food).

nak buat cerita, im flying with this FS who went for almost all airlines interview yang ada kat malaysia (except AK :P). so he was telling me how he went tru till the last stage of emirates interview. how was the whole thing goin on. one thing he highlighted to me was that:

"bro tak kira emirates ke, etihad ke, dorang datang malaysia nak cari mandarin or cantonese speaking crew. kalau dorang nak normal speaking crew, baik dorang amik european ke, americans ka. english dorang lagi kebaboom..."

"so kate lah kalau aku nak belajar cantonese or mandarin, kau rasa 2 - 3 tahun cukup tak?" i replied

he said "boleh kooooot. tapi itu pun ko kene makan pill limitless tue. *gelak macam setan* hahahah"

me (-_-")

so really ka? cari mandarin/cantonese speaking crew saje? i thought the whole thing is for the culture diversity shit. haih. so am i gonna endup being a normal crew for 20 fucking years? am i gonna be that old crew who complains alot but do nothing about it? am i gonna turn out like those person i hate in the airline? urrhhghhghghghghghgh. *i think too much*

owh well doesnt matter what he sed, it wont stop me from trying tho. nothing to lose bah.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


"there's a reason why i said i would be happy alone, it wasnt coz i thought i would be happy alone, its because i thought if i love someone, and then it felt apart, i might not make it.
its easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love?, and then you dont have it.
what if you like it, and lean on it, what if you shake your life around it, and then it falls apart, can you even survive that kind of pain?
losing love is like organ damage, its like dying, the only difference is, death ends, this... it could go on forever..."

Meredith Grey
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

u get as what u hope for

Recently ive just finished reading the secrets by rhonda byrne. Nope its not a fiction book nor a conspiracy theory kinda book. Its a selfhelp kinda book, something like those chicken soup collection. So after spending numerous hours during layover/nightstop reading that book to sleep, its kinda interesting tho. Everyone has been saying that the whole content of that book is a bit syirik (please google). Coz it says that our mind is connected to each other in a whole other diff universe. So whatever we do, think or act here effects the other universe and vice versa. So technically if we think, talk or do about something, automatically u are attracting that aura to you. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla doesnt matter how you put it, it will only focus on the main topic. Example, i dont wanna meet adrian later thus you will meet him later or i would rather date a guy than her thus guys will be attracted to you, that kinda thing lah. So what makes it more interesting, i have been yapping about accidents and how my car got hit during my whole 3 days trip. Ngam2 lepas i balik, nak pergi lepak kat marrakesh, otw tue pow! kene langgar ngan bus. Luckily it was a slow mo punye accident. Eventhou i refuse to believe the whole "you think, you get" concept (to me its just the author trying to say stop being so negative, positive aura will make you better in life) but kebetulan kot. Even few days before my first accident, i kept telling myself that "everyone has their first accident, so like it or not you'll have your first. so be cool bro...". Maybe the whole other diff universe doesnt exist but i do believe that everything you say or think is like a doa. The more u think/talk about it, you are actually praying for it to happen. We always see the bad things in everything and thats why we never noticed all the good things that have happen to us. Like what our parents always says, "ape awak cakap tue doa, jangan lah doakan kecelakaan dekat orang...".
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Ish berkarat sungguh english saya.
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silly as it gets

dream. what you want to be, what u want, u need, who you wish to be with, an idea of accomplishment and so on lah. still remember clearly when i was in kindergarden, my ambition was to be a fire fighter (dunno whats playing on my mind that time), then during primary school i always imagine myself as a ranjer, marine or anything that has that espionage shit. Later on in secondary ive tried my best to become a dentist but failed miserabably. After school, since i was so much into our local art scene, ive always want to be a canvas-drawing-artist-cum-poet. Hahaha it shows that how fickle minded i am ever since i was little. I dont seems to stick on a one way road. Then during college time, yeah u guess; a chef in an international hotel with michellin award and culinare awards. Hahaha and now since im already in an airline i guess i should just go with the flow. To move back into hotel line, guess its too late d. So what im really hoping for right now is emirates. Yup emirates. It gets even more silly when im only applying for emirates and no other airlines. I would literally give up everything for a place in emirates. Dont ask me why, maybe its because all the news about emirates ive been reading lately and how their corprate image has been lift up by their plans to get even more a380 and employ summore 2000 plus cabin crew. And no its not because of a certain sumone who just started flying in emirates, no its not because of her. And no i dont want etihad, cathay etc. Why? Maybe coz i havnt heard much news about etihad eventho they are much better than emirates (says the latest skytrax survey). For a job that suppose to get me places, right now im not so much of going places, more like cuti-cuti malaysia. I wont start bitching my company coz without em, i wont get the chance to even start flying. No matter how bad things are, they are doing their best to please everyone. And yes nothing is perfect and u cant pleased everyone.

"it aint gonna rain all day sunshine..."
The Crow

Technically i think im in this mid 20's age crisis. Yup next year m gonna be 25 and accomplisment so far is none. I need something, just something firm enough for me to hold on to. I know i aint that tall enough to have this sky high dream, but i wont stop trying. Age is catching up, i need this. Fast. *trying my best not to sound desperate tho...* So right now my dream is to be in emirates. Fly to moscow, canada and so on. Based in DXB? I say bring it on!!!
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya

selamat hari raya. nothing much to say tho. nothing much goin on. feeling a bit grateful that im still here despite that my raya leave isnt approved and had to spent my raya with an empty house. but that still doesnt stop me from enjoying all the lemang, ketupat and rendang that my mum cooked. storming open houses and the sad part; giving duit raya. i still remember how rm1.00 was big enuff for duit raya. nowaday rm1.00 is considered cheapskate and rm5.00 is the typical duit raya. hahaha time changes and so does the value of money. couldnt really munch on food tho on the first day of raya. still with that puasa mood. good thing was i lost few kilos during ramadhan but bad news, perut buncit je lagi. hahaha anyway selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin.