Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 years ago

3 years ago i was earning 800/monthly.
3 years ago i was so into malaysian independent music scene where i play, i organize and attend events in kl.
3 years ago ive never imagine myself to be travelling quite alot.
3 years ago i was never a workaholic.
3 years ago, i believe that in order to work, one has to have passion in what he do.
3 years ago i've always wanted to do volunteering stuff.
3 years ago i was still living with my mum in shah alam.
3 years ago i was car-less and license-less.
3 years ago i wasnt able to splurge anything on myself.
3 years ago i was juggling 2 jobs at the same time, eventho one of it doesnt even pay me anything. It was more like a volunteering stuff.
3 years ago ive never set foot in any other country except malaysia.
3 years ago i always imagine that one day ill work in a fine dining japanese restaurant.
3 years ago i was a soft spoken kiddo.
3 years ago i wasnt an alco.
3 years ago i didnt care so much about my dad.
3 years ago i wasnt into drugs.
3 years ago i was single.

Now im earning more than 1.5k/monthly.
Now i dont listen to any malaysian music. Dont even play any instrument anymore.
Now im travelling on a daily basis.
Now im a workaholic.
Now i believe that more money you earn the better the job is. Passion wouldnt really matter when you have lotsof money.
Now im still interested to do volunteering stuff but too occupied with work to even think about it.
Now im staying in bukit jalil with my friends.
Now i have my WTD baby.
Now i constantly splurging on myself with useless things.
Now im working steady in one job.
Now ive set foot in various countries.
Now im imagining that one day ill work in a multinational airlines, based in UAE.
Now ive able to speak up to others. Im no yes man.
Now i hate my dad.
Now i still hate drugs. :)
Now im still single.

From a short period, ive change in so many ways. Its funny how money can buy my belief, can change my course of life, able to take me a notch up and can provide me with so many things. Nobody can escape changes, your enviroment is constantly changing, people come and they'll go, nothing last forever.
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