Thursday, June 30, 2011

6 months - we're here - 6 months

You should know by now that what you have planned would never be as how u expect and in the end things would turned out waaaaaay diff then what u have planned and expected. Reality never walk on the same path with expectation and hope. I only have resolution just so that i would have a clear target of what i hope for and expect but in the end like i said, things would never turned out like how u wanted, it would be diff, maybe better and maybe worse but its how you cope with the end result make a whole lot diff.

"eggs are already broken, why not make an awesome omelette out of it..."

Six months has passed and six months to go till we reach 2012. Hows your so called resolution coming? Any chances of having new ones? Sticking to your old ones? Haha im still fat and buncit, doesnt know how would the new uniform treat me later this year, ill just hope that all of my exercise will paid off. Im still spending off my salary on bunch of useless things. Savings seems like the hardest thing to do so far. Emirates and etihad has been rather cruel to me since they are only looking for stewardesss. Nothing much really. Im still stucked in this sad sad saaaaaad job. Really. Nak beli leica pun still a long fucking way to to go. Laptop pun jauh sekali. PS3? Cool car soundsystem? Rims? Dalam mimpi je la. Nak bawak my mother jalan-jalan roun asia pun jangan harap la.
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  1. I think it should be, "leica pun jauh sekali" since Leica.. is.. bloody.. expensive!! and laptops these days are pretty cheap! :P

  2. hahahaha m trying to be realistic so leica m7, m8 atau m9 mmg impossible lah... therefore dapat leica d-lux 5 sudewwhh... hahhaa beggars cant be choosy...