Monday, May 30, 2011


gomen referring to those who works with the government. *gomen, ala-ala macam geng power rangers cross with digimon*

anyway me and my mum had this argument the other day, where my point was; most gomen people are lazy as shit. they have multiple coffee break in 3 hours and most of em doesnt have that 'professionalism'; they sleep during their job and some even clock-in then go and have breakfast till lunch then only they return to work. technically oleh sebab banyak sangat red tape untuk buang seseorang, environment dier sangat lay back. dan walaupun benefit banyak, tapi bila dalam gomen i think that 'competitive' sangat tiada. kerana they dont so much look at your achievement but more on your seniority. her point was, all the benefits, pension, the opportunity to do PJJ (you continue study but still get half of your salary) and some other benefit that revolves around money. yes i do get the point that in government is good on long term basis and private sector are good on short term. but as how i see it, u dont have that competitive culture, you'll eventually dragged into that lay back environment and eventually you will feel under appreciated, demoralize and such. maybe i seems like i dont fully understand the system, maybe i havnt really got the opportunity to work in gomen and maybe i talking BS but tru my observation (friends and family who are in the gomen) this what i can lay down for her. but noooooo, she told me that if i could quit the airline and get my arse in the gomen till i retired she would have no complains on that. owh yea she wants me to be a PA? not personal assistant but pembantu am. errands boy la in short form. no. i refuse to absorb her idea on gomen. i refuse.

nota kaki = im so bloddy pissed with my brother, walaupun dia yang belanja tapi i have my specific order for subway sandwich which i told him earlier and he came back with something totally diff. dont feel like eating it eventho im starving! thats the problem with me, i want things like how i want it *especially food* otherwise i'll be super dissapointed.


  1. ah yes..
    especially food.
    makes it a bit pointless when you've given simple specific instructions in the first place kan..

  2. Owh i hate it when they refuse to listen... tah hape masalah...