Saturday, June 11, 2011


Being a cabin crew, i have nothing to look forward to. I dont have assignments. I dont have presantation. I dont have meetings. I dont have to chase client or the other way around. I only have flights, flights, flights and flights. Its either daily flights, layovers or trips. I dont have anything to look forward to. So technically having a hobby is crucial to keep you going. Its just something for you to look forward to, to do when everyone else is flying. To kill time. But then again i dont look for those "collecting" type hobbies coz ive tried it and since i dont go anywhere out of asia so there's nothing much for me to collect *unless i want thoooooousands of KCH, PEN or BKI frigde magnet on my fridge*. So ive decided to choose something that benefits me. At first i tried mtb, and it is soooooo not for me. Too extream. Next was wallclimbing. Since its a sport which i need a partner so scratch that. Finally running. Yeah i kinda loving it, last month alone i ran a total of 60 km *courtesy of sporty pal*. My fitness is getting better day by day. But my records doesnt seems to budge. My record is 3.70 km in 24 minutes. I dont seem to be getting any better than this. A friend of mine managed to do 3.7 in 18 minutes. Selepas sebulan mencuba saya menjadi frustrated sebab rekod masa cammmtu je and my dearest beer barrel kat depan ney semakin membesar seperti ibu mengandung ade la. X sakit hati ke when you're hoping that all your hardwork would at least paid off, siiiiiikit pun tak bagi chance. Might wanna give it a few more months, kalau semakin kembung i might gonna try roadbike after this. Cari geng berbasikal dr b.jalil ke shah alam on kesas *ive always wanted to try this*.
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