Saturday, June 18, 2011

"one could never have enough butter..."

Watching all these cooking show (masterchef, hell's kitchen etc) has made me wonder, what has happen to me? Where have all my passion for food gone? I have always like food. I dont just eat ze food, i taste, i chew, i feel the whole chemistry going on in ze food. Ze whole explosion of taste in your mouth. I always tried making stuff at home and coll back then. Ive always like standing in the kaiten belt or being at the agemono station. I like cheese, not how it taste but how it react toward diff style of cooking. I always like the smell of cinnamon and bayleaf. I love when you cook mushroom soup (not from the can please) the whole nice fragrant goin on. The whole dissapointment when you cook your roux a lil bit too much. Boning a fish, preparing your chicken stock, steaming your garnishing, blunching, bouget garni, mira poix, plating and how i always have capsicum in my food. Now alif iskandar, what in ze world happened to you? Ze closest thing u ever get to cooking is maggie and heating foods in inventum oven. Where have all ze julia child in me has gone? I still have my super thick professional cooking book stored hidden in my room. My super sexy paring knife has became pisau potong sayur mak saya. My victorinox french knife has been just a display in my house. My previous tool kit ranges from knives, silverware, senduk and lots more. Now my tool kit ranges from thong, gloves, and the bag itself. Thats it. No more stockpot, non stick pan, griller, chiller and heater. I hate whats going on right now. Im paying rm30 for a seafood cabonara which tasted like instant maggie mee. Where i could make thouuuuusand times better. Haih i wanted to cook but my place isnt ze best place to do so. Plus i dont really like to cook then some other people EXPECT that i would cook for them oso. I dont wanna start the whole nirmala bonat shit here. If i ever get my own place in the future, i would definately get my own proper bbq set. I would grill, smoke, burn and caramalised my food there. But owh well that is whole diff story there. One day i might move out and start doin something about this. One day ya'll.
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