Saturday, June 18, 2011

Most american mov there's always a scene where the girl/guy would go and say "one day im gonna go out from this shitty place. And eventually succeed in life...". Lets play some statistic and he a little realistic here. Few millions wanna go out and fill a few thousand vacancy. And from few thousands there's only few hundred of executive position. And few hundred there's only few places in the VVIP post. And from few there's only one seat in the chairman. And for every one stage u go up, the elimination gets tougher. First they look at your qualification, then qualities and lastly they look at your advantages. You know how muchio i want to be in uae airlines; emirates to be exact. Im already among the few millions who wants to get out from their shitty place. How in the world do i want to compete with those super tall and good looking europeans and americans. Haih its a long shot but i would definately not stop trying. If its meant to be then its meant to be.
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