Monday, June 20, 2011

holy cow! holy shoomizitnit! holy mujohutofitosilo...

EK interview! EK interview! E-freaking-K interview! Tapikan everytime ade interview that i really wanted to go to, meeeesti ade flight-flight best yang menganggu. For example few months back there was Etis and Emirs interview in kl, but for some reason maybe my company knows that i want jump to other airlines tue yang dier bg flight2 "mahal" on t day of t interview itself. And next month dier bagi TPE 3 days trip. Tapi pabila perkara2 begini berlaku, mulalah berfikir2 bende2 mendalam seperti; what is this? A test? To see wether i cud sacrifice money in order to get something that i want eventho theres no assurance of getting it fo real? Is this really meant to be? Stuff like that. I always have this theory about life where one destiny or life is written and theres nothing one could do about it. Eventho they say you yourself choose the road to your destiny but then again doesnt it make sense if i say the choice that u take or took is already written. Doesnt matter what you do, its what you are meant to do. And consequences are made to make one believe that the choices are layed down for you not pre-answered for you. haahaha mengarut je kan.

On the other hand
Saya benci hotel hilton kuching la, the quilt are too damn thick wei. Kalau x pakai sejuk, kalau pakai panas lak *macam dewey cox cakap, "im hot and cold at the same time. More blanket and less blanket..."* lepas tue dekat vicinity area hotel ney tade proper food joint selain dr fastfood kat tepi ney. And for some reason crew suka sangat makan dekat "bawah tangga" ney. I dont see what is so great about their ayam penyet. Dah la minyak recycle beriban kali, pastu the whole place ade this one-kind-of-fishy-and-disgusting-smell-which-i-cant-describe. Dengan sanitation yang agak kurang, tempat ney lebih kurang macam philipino market dekat KK cume dier bawah tangga and jual ayam penyet and mee kolok. The only thing i find interesting is the mushroom noodles. Tue je yang ok. And for some reason this hotel has this one bellboy who seems to know about the pattern flights goin in and out more than me. Hahaha dier ade apps blackberry yang check flight tue kot *giggles*.

Moving on
Nak update CV dan mungkin memerlukan pertolongan wahai bestie punye ayat2 gempak. ¦P
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  1. Oh noooess not againn! Hahahahhaha
    Just let me know if you need my help ye :D