Wednesday, June 22, 2011

macaroons and cuppycakes

saya pernah amik subject marketing. basic marketing principle. i learn a thing or two about marketing. the marketing P's (place, people, product and promotion), concept and stuff. all the basic-basic stuff je. masa belajar dulu i did came across the word and the whole concept of fads. yup something yang hype for a limited time sahaja. growth scale dier sangat mendadak dan begitu juga semasa dier menurun. it is something like fashion.

"Fashions fade, style is eternal..."
- Yves Saint Laurent

Kalau fashion itu fads then style would be... emm lupa. Well anyway so when a certain object, thing, statement or anything experiencing fads, on the tipping point everybody would go gaga, crazy, jumping up and down for it. the good thing is you can basically found it anywhere and everywhere. on the downside, people start ripping off each other's product. like last year, it was the year of cupcake. everything was associated with cupcakes. literally EVERYTHING. you'll see promotion with cupcakes picture on it *eventho the cupcake picture doesnt have anything to do with the promotion*, for the sake of joining the hype/craze. still remember that people would go for birthday cupcakes rather than normal/typical round birthday cakes. it was cupcake, cupcake, cupcake and cupcake. they even managed open up few outlets of cupcake chic *an overly priced cupcakes* during this whole craze. but the best cupcakes i tried was in wondermilk, pj. just the right amount of sweetness. dah la cupcakes yang lain semua gila-babi-manis-sampai -boleh-dapat-gangren and one thing about the cupcakes nie semua; it's never about the cupcake, it's always about the design. plus majority yang beli semua perempuan, so they'll go like "awww comel nye gambar kucing atas cupcake tue!" or "awww look the colour, its niceeeee..." but they never puji kesedapan dier. not even once. they always go for a particular shop because of the nice, neat and well coloured cupcakes. never about the recipe. kalau nak cakap pasal recipe, most of them just wanna make super cheap cupcakes but super expensive. why expensive? you are actually buying the design not the cupcake. so they are charging you extra for the extra neat workmanship. doesnt make sense lah semua ini. its not like you're gonna wear those cupcakes to work and such. you'll buy it, eat it and it'll go out along with your morning nasi lemak later that day. i really dont get it. tapi ini semua tahun lepas la. this year, its the year of macaroons. ini lagi la tak faham. why should i buy something that is THAT small with THAT kinda price. really dont make any sense. baik aku beli those godiva chocolates kat airport or patchi kat pavi. anyway have you seen adriano zumbo's v8 macaroon tower. kalau dah you would actually understand why i dont understand how could that little thing could be SOMETHING suddenly. cam nowadays being seen with a cupcake is like sooo 2010, now its all macaroons pulak. u go to flickr, display pic and so on tak sah kalau tade orang post gambar macaroons. i mean if people wanna go gaga over cheese ke, wine ke, a certain restaurant ke i would totally understand. but macaroons? come on! like COOOOMMMEEE OOONNN! seriously!? and again, it is never about the macaroons but the color. how colorful can it be! owh gawd. come on. malaysian you can do better than this! even donuts pun tak boleh lawan mereka berdua ini. and yes, cupcake sekarang dah cam nothing dah.

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