Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Im listening

Being the youngest among three brothers is no fun when your two big brother is a fulltime rebel. For half of my age ive been nagged by my beloved mother for stuff that i didnt do, and since i was young i had no father to teach me stuff (nak play catch kononnye) and to tell me stuff that only a father could tell me, plus my mother isnt always around for me. So most of my life i was a loner + nerd and since i never talk back to my mother, ive develope a super strong patient. Yup, but since she's always the one whos doing the talking so im also grew up to be a patient dan "menerima je apa orang cakap". So coincidently ive endup in service industry where to be in one, one has to have lotsof patient and listening skill. Ah-ha both is my strong att. Hahaha like they say, if its meant to be, its meant to be haha.

When i take shit (not literally taik la) from pax is one thing but if that shit is coming from your crewmates is totally a diff story. I totally hate it seriously. It is when you had to cover his/her job is the stressing part. Not trying to be selfish or drawing a line but doing things together and doing things alone is hell yeah diff yo. Why cant you just do your job, and we all could enjoy the flight. Its too much? Quit then. Its too hard? Its a freaking job yo, Suck it up. Life itself is hard. Too lazy? Stay home. Forgot? Makan kismis bismillah la.
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  1. Yayyy something to read!!
    Tapi pendek. Hmmph!
    Thanks anyway :D *bersyukur.. bersyukur..*