Thursday, May 12, 2011

Level Up

At times im a very competitive person, kiasu. Ill try to score the highest point in every game, run the fastest, be the first one and be the one. Back then when i was in high school, i know that i would never be good at physics and chemistry, so i was on a never ending battle with few nerd friends i have on maths subjects. Who can finish the question fastest but with the most shortest answer or who can understand the subject before any of us do. I really like math because of the competition we had and cos of course im good at it. Even when i was in college me and my mates always battle out on who can kneat the dough faster, who can count the calories the fastest etc. My kiasu-ness goes a notch up when i did my internship. Since it was a work+study thinggy so there was so many other students there, from uitm, inti, indonesian hospitality school etc. So i was there rep my college. It was serious kiasu-ness. To be the best among em all. It was tiring, but it was fun. Like real fun. Running around the hotel and trying to beat others. And now im in MAS. I was rather dissapointed things are. There isnt so much of competition here since things doesnt so much requires lotsof assignments and stuff. A very routine job. So your 'excel-ness' is measured by your seniority. There's isnt any dateline to catch up, theres no work that requires me to do research and stuff plus there no presantation. Eventho in reality my job is actually hard coz -

Cabin Crew = safety officer + fire fighter + doctor + bouncer + policia + bar tender + waiter + cook + cleaners +butler + a hundreds more jobs.

But tho im a jack of all trades, i have no room to concerntrate on a topic. Too many things in my job scope. So olately ive been picking up running/jogging. Its the only way for me to keep on competing. Breaking my own records. Its the only way for me to keep.on competing with myself.
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