Saturday, May 14, 2011


One thing about my line of work, it has made me fell lonely. I rather be occupied with than staying home. One thing in t airline, you could never be 'thaaaaaat' close to a person to a point you can hang outside of working hour. Im too lazy to go back to shah alam to hang with my shah alam friends, m already not that close anymore with my bands friends and my batchmate are all over asia. Plus my roster requires me to work during weekends and public holiday, meaning im working whilst normal people are at home and ill be home when everybody else is working. Sometimes i complain bout how bad my roster is, but to think about it the more i work, the less lonely i get. I rather be a workaholic than being stranded at home and got nothing to do. Most of outdoors hobbies require at least a partner, and most of people around me doesnt share the same intrest as me; wallclimbing, skimboarding, hiking etc. Getting a other half is out of the question since seriosly i cant afford all the commitment and spending. Not yet, not just yet. If i could turn.back time i would seriously think again bout getting my WTD, yup mummy u were right. Rushing is never a good thing especially when it comes to something thhhhhat big. I really envy my friends who doesnt hav big commitments, spending money on stuff really matters, a bed, plasma tv, going out and having fun, a beach retreat etc. Im trying to save money but that seems to be an impossible mission. Always endup broke at the end of the month. My 2011 resolution was act:-
a. To go to london on boxing day and celebrating new year abroad
b. Being slim and fit
c. Save up money to see sarah brightman live anywhere in t world

But all these seems a long way down the road. I dont wanna waste my first 5 years with nothing. Those are 3 simple resolution requires lotsof money and dicipline. Susah? Yup but achievable i think if i put in my heart and soul.

The other day on my DXB/KUL i met a 22 years old australian who owns a house, a car and a small studio. He doesnt earn a lot. Roughly he said he earns about AUD 1.8k/montly and yet he can save up few hundred a few months. I asked him how he did it? "it takes lotsof discipline bro, i technically stop clubbing and smoking". He even said his first target was to buy a bottle of crystal (a 4 feet high champagne bottle that cost USD 5k) which he did in dubai the other day. Sounds stupid but i really salute him to manage to so all this at the age of 22. Back then when i was 22 i only earn less than a thousand per month. How i wish that things in malaysia would be better for me and all the people. Most of us are underpaid due to corruption and etc. Sigh how i wish.
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  1. Hahahahhahaha!
    Bed? Plasma TV? Beach retreat?

    Alaa Alif.. Don't feel bad about WTD.. Berjasa tau that car.. Yes, you have an extra commitment every month, but you have the freedom to go wherever you like -- you je yang tak berani :P
    You could actually have more fun than those friends of yours yang ada plasma tv.

    Let's plan a roadtrip ;)

  2. Hahah beach retreat refering to crystal's diving trip hahahaha and yours oso... :P what im stressed bout is i should have get a strong down payment for t car, yup ill be susah2 for a few months but bulan seterusnya tade la burden sgt... sigh..