Saturday, May 7, 2011


nak tulis tapi ayat x keluar. nak tulis about how dubai is a nice place but also not a nice place at the same time. nak tulis about how dubai is not so much a place for a vacay. nak tulis about how oil makes them super arrogant. nak tulis pasal how good are they with town planning, architecture, spending money and racism but they are bad with preserving their culture and heritage. nak tulis about how good their malls is but their human skills are as bad as my shit. nak tulis about how tall is the burj khalifa and how short are they in courtesy. nak tulis how fast are they cars and how slow are they in intellectual growth and maturity. nak tulis pasal pak arab yang sangat ikut garis panduan agama pasal kahwin empat dan darjat perempuan di dalam society tapi when it comes to everythng else dah macam yahud. i wanna write about my 6 long days experience in dubai but im wordless (or speechless?).

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