Tuesday, May 17, 2011

English got my tongue

Recently... owh well not recently ive technically met her at clubs and after clubs couple of times but that doesnt count since we dont really had sober conversation and did sober stuff. Well anyway recently i met this another stewardess from other airline introduced by my partner in crime. Not to talk about her looks and personality btw *eventho she's like 'i realllly like that' kinda hot :p* she talks like weeeeaallly el perfecto englisho, with an accent by the way. The fact that she has a TESL background makes her even more intimidating. If you really read my el blogo, you should know that my english is aeons behind perfect. Mistakes here and there, missing 's' everywhere, stupid vocabulary mistakes and stuff. Eventho she doesnt really care how you use your english, as long as you get the msg across but for some reason everytime we had a conversation i felt like im writting an essay. I wrote the responds on my brainpad, look for silly mistakes and submit. But most of the time i took longer time to process than the flow of our conversation. Senang cerita i baru nak respond dah tukar topic or my reponds is too short. Hahaha stupid ey? I dunno lah, she's an interesting person but i can seem to handle her great english. I like being around her, she's an interesting person but entah i felt like i need to speak proper and el perfecto english with her. Urgh. But sometimes i always ponder how did my english get from baaaaaad to ok-lah. I still remember when i was in high school i was in the english society club, and they had this 'small talk english session'. Its when they randomly pick people to sit in groups and have small conversation about anything and if there's any mistakes the people in your group will try to correct it. So there's one day i was talking about random stuff, and suddently this one girl in my group told me to stop and say i better stop speaking in english and continue in bm because it was too broken. Yeah she was that rude and of course there was a 10 second awkward silent but come on, i was trying reaaally hard back then. I play game book with a dictionary on my side, i read bedtime stories when i was twelve coz my level punye buku terlalu susah apperantly masa tue. I really envy my bestie how good her english is. She's like a moving dictionary. Hahaha sorry.

Moving on
... am now in jhb. Watching no reservation (cat zeta jones and that guy from thank you for smoking is in it). This movie teleports me back to my basic western cooking class. Aaaaaaah i miss cooking.

Lepas baca ape i tulis ney felt rather silly to blog about this, hahah i wonder what she'll think about me if she reads this. Owh well ive made this blog perfectly hidden to most of my friend. Hihihi yeah she taken btw. And yeah she tot i was gay. El fuck upo... and owh yea she got a vlog channel on youtube.
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  1. aiyayayaya.. *blush*
    my English is getting bad, though..