Thursday, May 26, 2011

you're not hardcore, unless you live hardcore

Honestly ive been watching grey's anatomy too much. Too damn freaking much wey. To the point im too absorb in the whole 'hardcore' concept. Yeeeeerp, hardcore. If you happen to be a grey-ians you should know this whole concept of hardcore. Some sort of a living legend. The first, the one or the 'the person'. Sometimes i just felt like i want to be that hardcore person in t airline. Maybe the one who survived a serious emergency, the one made a biiiig statement or just someone who survived something big. Im just bored with my daily routine maybe. I need that something to steer me off course for awhile. Hahaha how i always imagine if something happen in my flight, would i; panic? perform as per procedure? runaway? collapse? hahaha i just like to feel important but not incharge. Owh well just hope that one day i might land an aircraft and save everyone. Hahahah
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