Friday, May 20, 2011

up or down, left or right, tight or loose, ginger or tumeric, to be or not to be

"to be or not to be is the question..."

Back then it was just a meaningless sentence to me. To me life, our fate or almost everything in life is a series of choices, after one another. And of course as we go on the choices is gonna get tough. Involving other people and consequences. To love or to hate? To obey or to retaliate? And in the end, to live or to or to die? Can we live without making choices or decision? Can we live without having the consequences in our decision? Can we have some other people decide for us and let them suffer the consequences? Absolutely N-O. When you put two of the most important things in life in the line; between the things that you want and the things that you love, then you'll start to evaluate the best option around but fail to realise that its a double edge sword. Doesnt matter what do you choose, there's no 'the best option' its only what u like and what others may like. So in the end you'll stuck wether you are here to please others or you, yourself? It gets even more frustrated if that 'others' is refering to you family. For as long you remember they're always wiling to 'take one for the team' but when it comes to you, yourself, do you wiling to do the same? So from basically when u tell someone to choose something its not just either 'a.' or 'b.'. Its not that simple. If god wanna make things simple, there would only be one planet with one tree, one animal and one human on it. In the end one would rather die than had to choose. Eventho running is always a choice but i aint a coward. I have to face the music. I have to choose. Coz that is life. To be or not to be.
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