Thursday, May 19, 2011

theres hope after all

Four days to go till pay day and im still have a few hundred in my account. How great is that? Eventho i bought a new handphone, spend a few hundred overseas and went out and hav fun i still manage to save up a lil bit. Few hundred aint much but still despite all the complains ive been doin this past few months, i still manage to sav up a lil bit. There's still hope after all. So if i cant make it for london this year, its 2012 then. I shall be in london when 20/12/2012 strikes. If i die, at least i die accomplishing my wish. Hahahaha. Hopefully i could save up alot for my shopping trip. 16 months, lotsof time for me to save. Let say if i save 500/monthly, 500 x 16, is around 8k and plus minus the currency exchange rate i should have around 1.5-2k pounds. Like that gonna happen... hahhaha owh well at least im trying. Ala since im not gonna pay for the tix fare and most probably accomodation is so foc, so 2k for a week is alot lah kan? Even i have never spend MYR 2k in a week. Huhuhu

I was watching a knight's tale just now, i was thinking, kan best if i were born on that age. That bronze, silver and gold age. Im really a big fan of swords, knights, crossbow and stuff. Ive always imagine myself if i were to live in that era, i would have a freaking huge longsword, with a tower shield, a small tanto for my side arm, a set of plate mail, on a red horse i named the ferrari. Hahahha strider, rush or maple maybe. I would be like those templar knight thinggy who roam across england and the world and steals artifact. Hahahahahaha who am i kidding? Nak tangkap tikus pun menjerit2 cam perempuan. Ive always like all this old school war kinda stuff, coz modern warfare is like fucking lame to me. I mean with all this tech and stuff you can just simply blow up another country with just a click of a button. I mean back then it was all pure brute force and strategy. Right now whoever has the most tech is the winner. Back then weapons are all steel and metal, now u got biological warfare lah, drones lah, tactical missile lah and of course NU-freaking-KE. I mean nowadays punye warfare is actually penakut warfare. U can kill an enemy miles away dalam memalam buat, all thaxs to night vission and dragunov. We've become lazy and lazier. In every way, literally. Not just warfare. I mean back then people died of plague, war and stuff but u hav never heard of people dying because of too much to eat, too much drinking, too much of all the wrong stuff. We gotten lazy and lazier.
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