Saturday, May 28, 2011

confession of a flight steward / flight attendant / cabin crew

Pack, unpack, pack, unpack, pack, unpack, pack, unpack, pack, unpack, pack, unpack and repack again. *repeat this whole process till you resign, retired or sacked*

Oooooommmmggggg! Im freaking tired wei! Last monday i did labuan nightstop, then a 3 days trip and tomorrow hanoi daily flight. Im so freakinh tired of packing and unpacking my trolley bag. After this hanoi flight, im looking at a 6 days trip that involve 3 different location and country, and shortly after that m doing yet another nightstop. Im tired, seriously! Plus school holiday just only starting, so you can imagine the load and the pax profile. Sometimes i feel those parents who isnt doing much in restraining their childrens that they are making the aircraft like a playground. Seriously! When you tell them off, just giv em 10 min max, then you'll see them back on the aisle. Haiyo tak takut ke anak kau jatuh tergolek and langgar armrest kalau-kalau ade turbulance! Im not your nanny! Plus tadi ade pax mintak tolong angkat beg dia yang semacam berat, oleh kerana beliau seorang elderly passenger (kalau sebut orang tua macam rude pulak) saya pun tolong beliau. Tengok-tengok belakang dia ade another 20 passenger yang umur lebih kurang dier and semua mintak tolong angkat beg mereka-mereka. Wei boleh patah belakang aku! Yes, i know ur old but not being able to carry heavy stuff doesnt mean u can bring a freaking 10 kilo bag into the cabin. Jeez be considerate la... Nuff with my #crewlife talk. Basically its the same shit but diff people and diff place.
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